[ NOT READY FOR 1.0.0 AWAITING ON SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ]Adds obsidian tools for everyday needs. Complete with an obsidian pickaxe, hatchet, shovel, sword, hoe and a new tool called the Paxel. A multi-tool with the capabilities of a pick, a hatchet and a shovel all in one. Also, do you like Armour?, then the obsidian tools mod has that too! Now features Stairs!

Instructions for install is right here// Unfortunately for now....this mod is not compatible with other mods that share the same file names.

You must have installed modloader http://www.modloader.com/ they have instructions for that too.!

(Please!, comment and tell be how well it works for you and any issues - Thanks)


Obsidian Paxel Recipe Obsidian Sword


[0.1] EXPERIMENTAL not available for download had obsidian pickaxe, axe, shovel

[0.5] ALPHA Not available for download had obsidian pickaxe, axe, shovel added: a paxel

[0.9] BETA had obsidian pickaxe, axe, shovel, paxel added: Armour

[1.0] RELEASE Stabilized mod had obsidian pickaxe, axe, shovel, paxel, Armour, sword, hoe

[2.0] (NOW) Stabilized mod had obsidian pickaxe, axe, shovel, paxel, Armour, Sowrd, Hoe added: stairs


  • #10 SolidStateDrive

    Update this to be used with Spout (at least when Spout releases its own server software) and you'll be my hero! ;D

  • #8 KKLD

    I really like this mod, but since I use Spout, I cannot install it. Would it be possible for you, to add it to Spout? My players would love new tools and armors :D

  • #9 codejunkies

    Im sorry i don't want to dissapoint you but it's not a server mod. I just don't know where to begin in making this smp compatible let alone spout compatible i understand some of the basics but..........it's a major task and on the to do list thankyou for using my mod :P

  • #7 codejunkies

    WOOT HIT THE 50th downloads mark yay for the few people that read these posts :P

  • #5 cian2d2

    is this smp compatible and how do you put it on????thanks

  • #6 codejunkies

    Hi, i am sorry but it was not made for multi player.
    I plan on making it server compatible...eventually

    believe it or not I have just barely picked up java. I understand concepts but never had enough time to invest in it. This project was a Very successful expiriment.

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