This mod adds 5 crossbows and 6 crossbow ammunition (bolts) to your Single Player Client

REQUIRES MODLOADER 1.2.3 - Included in download

What it adds:

  • Five Crossbows
  • 16 new items all together
  • 6 new arrows (Only works with crossbow)
  • Fully compatible
  • More to come!


  1. Further testing - Please report problems below
  1. Fix explosive bolt visual bug
  1. More bolts? Tell me what you think...
  1. SMP Support (for all 5 of my mods)

Crafting Recipes:

<Wood/Stone/Iron/Gold/Diamond> Bonded String

<Wood/Stone/Iron/Gold/Diamond> Crossbow

Note this is bonded string not normal string*

<Wood/Stone/Iron/Gold/Diamond/Explosive> Bolt

If you liked this mod please consider donating a small amount of money. Donate button is located at the top right of this page.


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