Teleporter Tools

Teleport to a place with a click of a button! The Teleporter Tools mod allows you to teleport to places using an item. Just click on a nearby block, and you're there! The teleporters come in Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Obsidian. The mod is now open source, and the source can be found on GitHub.

Obsidian Teleporter recipe.

The recipe to make an Obsidian Teleporter

Requires ModLoader to play. Download the zip, unzip it, and put all of these files into the file "minecraft.jar."


  • #1 JesusIsCrafting

    It do not work yet ;) .. i can craft the teleporter but nothin to port .. i do rightklick and leftklick :) ... Pls tell me when u fixed it i would like to make a Tutorial for Youtube ^^

  • #2 MrAppDev

    The mod only allows you to go a short distance, because it uses default Minecraft clicking methods. Make sure that the block you want to teleport to has a box around it when you are looking at it, and then click on it. This should solve the problem, and then you will be able to use it. I hope this helps!

  • #3 MrAppDev

    By the way, can you post the link to the video when you're done? I'm curious about what your tutorial will look like!

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