Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2, is a recreation of the popular combat mod for Minecraft currently in development. The mod focuses on:

  • Providing players with interesting and balanced combat features, including:
    • New weapons
    • Dual wielding of weapons
    • A shielding mechanic
  • Open source, and API-oriented, meaning anyone is free to add to the code base
    • The source code is available on github. Feel free to contribute or just have a poke around.

News & Annoncements

Mine & Blade Battlegear 2 : Bullseye Release 20/12/2013

We can proudly announce the (probably) final version of Mine & Blade Battlegear 2 for 1.6.4. It is stable enough and introduces the long awaited quiver system, hence its codename. The next big update (heraldry) will likely be included with 1.7.4 (or later Minecraft update).

Mine & Blade Battlegear 2 : Warcry (preview) Release 19/08/2013

We have (finally) released the first version of Mine & Blade Battlegear 2 for 1.6.2. This release has been codenamed "Warcry". This gives a good indication that this version focuses on Warrior's but also is likened to GotoLink and myself charging in with our first release.

This release includes

  • The new battlemode system
    • This will allow dual wielding of a small subset of items (mainly weapons)
  • Shields
    • Shields block all incoming damage from the front 120 degree arc when in use. Beware they can only be in use for a limited amount of time.
  • New Weapons
    • New weapons include the Waraxe, Mace, Dagger and Spear

Unfortunately we did have to remove some features from the old version (mainly revolving around the heraldry system)

Mod Mechanics

Weapon System / Dual Wielding

Mine and Blade 2 introduces a new weapon system to Minecraft. This system will allow the player to have up to 3 weapons sets available to them that can be switched to using the 'R' key. The system allows the player to specify a mainhand and an offhand weapon (so allows select dual wielding).

By default any weapon can be placed into the weapon system and any weapon without a special right click function can be dual wielded. The mod will also scan though items for weapons added by mods. For further mod support there is an API (check the github repository) Dual Wield and Sheath

Items are placed in the weapon system in a new GUI accessible from the main inventory with the top left "BG" button Battlemode GUI

When dual wielding, the left mouse button will attack with the mainhand (right) weapon and the right mouse button will attack with the offhand weapon (left) or block with the shield


Mine and Blade 2 introduces a shielding mechanic different to the normal sword block. Blocking with a shield will reduce all blockable damage taken from the front 120 degree arc. However a player cannot block indefinably as there is a stamina bar that appears above the normal minecraft health/armour icons.

Shields are crafted as follows Shield craft

When struck by an arrow, the arrow will appear in the shield. Arrows can be retrieved by placing the shield by itself in the crafting matrix (the arrows will be added to your inventory when you retrieve the shield)

A shield bash can be preformed by pressing the special action key ('Z' by default). This will cause any mob in front of you to be knocked back. Using a shield bash will cause you to loose a third of your stamina bar and render you unable to attack for 1/2 a second. Some enchantments can help improve those characteristics.

Shields can also be dyed similar to leather armour. Dye is removed by placing a water bucket in the crafting grid with the shield. (This may be removed when heraldry is finished)

Weapons & Armour


Although the waraxe does less damage to unarmoured foes than the sword, it is more able to penatrate armoured foes.

Waraxe Craft


The mace's blunt surface is perfect for dazing enemies

Mace Craft


The spear is the weapon for those who would rather poke their enemy from a distance

Spear Craft


The dagger is a quick weapon with lower damage than the sword

Dagger Craft

Chainmail Armour

Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 introduces a new way of obtaining chainmail armour. 3 chain links can be obtained by placing 2 iron ingots in a vertical arrangement in a crafting grid. Chain links can then be used to make chainmail armour

Craft Chain Craft Armour

Quiver and Arrows


The quiver is a small item that has the ability to stack four times more arrows than a common arrow stack. It can be crafted with leather and arrows. You can empty it by right click.

Craft Empty Quiver Craft Quiver

Quivers can also be dyed similar to leather armour. Dye is removed by placing a water bucket in the crafting grid with the quiver.

Once you have a charged quiver in your inventory, a bow will deplete this item rather than using free arrows. A bow can be "dualwield" with the quiver in offhand. With a bow equipped, a custom bar will appear showing slots from the quiver. You can switch between slots (and thus, between arrows) with the special action key ('Z' by default). The quiver will also appear in the player's back.


There is an API that allows modders to make their own container for their own custom arrows, with hooks to customize enchantments, bow damage, etc.


Mine & Blade Battlegear 2 adds seven types of arrow which can be fired only from the quiver. The bow is also rendered differently to show those different arrows when used.

The fire arrows...set things on fire.

Craft Fire Arrow

The explosive arrows...explode things.

Craft Explosive Arrow

The ender arrows...teleport things around.

Craft Ender Arrow

The poison arrow...gives a wither effect on hit.

Craft Poison Arrow

The piercing arrow pierces through armors and glass blocks.

Craft Piercing Arrow

The mystery arrow...has weird effects.

Craft Mystery Arrow

The leech arrow takes your enemy lifeforce to heal you.

Craft Leech Arrow

It is said that skeletons may have acquired the knowledge to use those arrows. Fortunately, they aren't clever enough to hide them in their quiver nor switch between them.

Update Notifier

Mine & Blade Battlegear 2 contains a sophisticated new mod update detector known as M.U.D. The mod will check to see if you are running the most current version (for the version of minecraft you are using) and notify you if you are using an old version.

Pressing the Mod Update Detector button on the pause screen or in forges "Mods" screen or typing the command '/mud' will take you to the download screen. This will allow you to view the changelog and download then newest version of the mod (a restart will be required).

This part is strictly client-side, meaning you can deactivate it on your client without worrying about server conflict. It also means that, because it is disabled on server, a server owner has to update manually. It is designed this way to prevent any server overload.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version
  2. Download the latest version of this mod from the files page for your Minecraft version
    • The latest version for 1.7.2 is currently Mine & Blade:
  3. Place the downloaded jar file into the mods directory

Bugs & Issues


  • Offhand weapons may take up to 3 1 second to update on other players in SMP


Issues we can't do anything about:

  • Render issues with any mod using RenderPlayerAPI
  • Many issues with mcpc+
  • Crash with SinglePlayerCommand and SmartMoving

Planned Features

Reintroduction of the Heraldry System

We are looking into a new way of implementing this.


  • #427 gleam101

    when is it going to be 1.8?


  • #426 ZanyT3rr0r335

    I found a bug: Pigs can't be hurt by battleaxes (MAYBE only diamond, only tried it. Went on a killing spree and found pigs invulnerable to my axey might...)


  • #425 throwingtrash

    Me and my friends have been experiencing a bug. After our first death the gui becomes glitched and we can no longer switch out of dual weapons mode. Is there a fix?

  • #424 KevinFromMC


    Hmmm, I've got some ideas!

    1.Do Spam Arrow, OP Arrow


    2.You must do SNPC's!

    3.Some Easter Eggs More Tools Weapons

    [This is not for this mod]

    Can You Do A VERY COOL inFAMOUS Second Son Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10!?!?

    Please Tell Me If You Accept These Requests!

  • #422 LemADEC

    Any known issues with MCPC+/Cauldron?

  • #421 ImepicIdea

    The crafting for all the sheilds should be the same and there should be different kinds of shields. You should be able to make the round sheilds out of all the other matials. Also a Roman like shield would be nice as well.

    You should be able to toss a spear.  Now that there are prismarine shards; arrows and spear tips have a possible new component. Great mod tho.

  • #420 pratham998


  • #418 Ultragamer564

    Poisin Arrows are WAY to expensive. Make it rotten flesh or spider eye or something else.

  • #419 RamboCreativity

    thats what I said


  • #416 RamboCreativity

    I have a better damn idea how about the shields have health..

     wooden shield 5 hearts

    hide shield 8 hearts

    iron shield 20 hearts

    gold shield 10 hearts

    diamond shield 40 hearts

    like how much a normal sword does  wooden shield resistance like a player without armor for the hide shield it would take as much damage as if the shield is wearing full set of leather armor and the iron would do the same thing like the iron shield is wearing a full set of iron armor and you get it from that point on. it would improve combat for multiplayer servers.


  • #417 RamboCreativity

    If I could code I'd do this my self and make a server for this already >_>

  • #415 RamboCreativity

    Use leech arrows for near death situations, use piercing arrows for team ups, explosive arrows for distractions and raids, use ender arrows for easy escape, and NEVER use poison arrows to expensive use a plugin to change it from wither star to spider eyes.

  • #414 RamboCreativity

    Also as one of the best mods I have seen ever this would greatly enhance faction pvp and faction servers in general. Specially kit pvp.

  • #413 RamboCreativity

    No banners needed

    Nerd_Boy they have already been done by 1.8 but a flagpole on your back would be amazing representing you are the leader of your team leading a charge so you don't have to worry about adding an armor stand of banners but you could make it easier to edit banners

  • #412 wiiv

    Is there an API for this mod? I believe other mods could benefit from an API.

  • #411 RamboCreativity

    also if I was a modeler I'd help with this mod xD i'd add an obsidian shield that would be for creative only and would never go down ever.

  • #423 ColdFusion

    It wouldn't help at all because you can't die in creative from combat.

  • #410 RamboCreativity

    also the poison arrow is too expensive make it a spider eye instead of nether star it makes more sense the ideas below is something I HIGHLY Suggest for this mod making it better.

    Last edited by RamboCreativity: Nov 3, 2014
  • #408 RamboCreativity

    Suggest for the mod have them up infinitely until the bar breaks I know it does that normal but it goes down much faster the stamina bar 1 second 3 seconds is a little unfair if I had this for a multiplayer server I'd want it to be fair and people with stone swords can use wooden shields to fight

    I have a few ideas on how it should work.

    [Wooden_Shield] Stone sword 5-hits  | Iron Sword 3-hits | Gold Sword 4-hits | Diamond S Instant |

    [Hide_Shield] Stone sword 8-hits  | Iron Sword 6-hits | Gold sword 5-hits |Diamond Sword 2-hits|

    [Iron_Shield] Stone sword 10-hits | Iron Sword 8-hits | Gold sword 12-hits |Diamond sword 6-hits|

    [Gold_Shield] Stone sword 5-hits | Iron Sword 3-hits | Gold sword 4-hits |Diamond Sword Instant|

    [Diamond_Shield]  Stone sword 20 hits | Iron Sword 15 hits | Gold_Sword 18-hits |Diamond S 10-hits|

    Enchantments you can kinda figure out based on what I showed you...

    Is this a bad idea? and if so how?




  • #407 Brassyisland75

    Is this mod available in Forge? It looks great and I would really love to play it.

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