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MTech is a mod focused around technology, but done using magic. The mechanics within this mod (will eventually) allow for all the automation and processing of buildcraft/IC2 without bringing the minecraft world to the 21st century.

The end goal is to create a truly awesome mod which will give a pleasing esthetic and many useful features. This mod is heavily WIP and still has a long way to go, but hopefully I can make it happen.

If you have any bugs to report please post them HERE or also any cool ideas which you think this mod would benefit from.

I will not be updating this page often, please check the MCF topic to find out the details about the latest content if this page hasn't been updated.


How to install

  1. download the mod
  2. download the latest forge
  3. install forge into the minecraft jar
  4. drop this mod zip file into the mods folder
  5. enjoy



  • #1 KingNXT

    1. Compataible with BC and IC2
    2. Energy--- EU or KJ
    3. Compataible with engines
    4. add epic modern HighTech stuff
    5. Epic coal stuff like (death coal) or (Quadro Energy)=Epic name

  • #2 Yagoki

    all good Ideas and several of which I have planned already (such as the BC and IC2 intergration)
    I will have my own energy system though, but I may put in an option for EU or MJ at some point.
    as for the modern high tech stuff, that's a no no. The reason I made this was to escape the modern themed tech mods. I will have some rather fancy, complicated and powerful machines but they will NOT have a modern theme. Thanks for the feedback though it is much appreciated and please keep it coming if you have any others.

    Currently I'm working on alchemy, so there will be a large amount of machines added in the next update, so when that's done let me know what you think :D

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