Orbital Bombardment 1.1.1 [1.6.4] (2014/01/29)

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Important info. Please read


So, alot (17 and counting) of you have been complaining and spamming my pm box about the fact that the meteor strike does not work. Please read carefully:

The meteor strike does work, but it's a mob that gets spawned into the world at level 200ish (depending on your height). HENCE, IF YOU ARE PLAYING ON PEACEFUL, THE METEOR MOB WON'T SPAWN. 

I am not changing the code base to conform to this. Spawning a mob creates a natural-looking falling object (according to MC-physics), and will stay like this. Play on easy difficulty or above to use this strike.

Secondly, I do not have to do this. I'm not getting paid- I run this project in my spare time and out of my love for the game. Your bad grammar and second grade spelling pm's and comments have no place in the open-sourced world of coding. If you can do something better than I did, ask me politely and ill share my code-base with you, then you can make the changes you want. Can't code? Though luck. 

To everyone giving all the positive feedback and constructive criticism, thanks for being a member of the community. I applaud you, good sirs. 

Update 2014/04/10

YES. I have been busy with other things in my life, but I'm back on the modding train once again and churning out code to make this mod more compatible, more fun, more balanced, and more stable. So, first things first:

After some two months of feedback from you guys, I have what I need to give you more of what you want out of this mod. One of the complaints I really took to heart was the MFFS Mod "incompatibility". I.E: The strikes ignored the MFFS field completely. That's just not right, and in the new update, that will be fixed. That, and a couple of other enhancements:

  • Universal Electricity Integration: That's right. Your favourite power system integrated right into the mod. (Yes, you will be able to generate power with this mod. Conversion will roughly be 1J = 5PU, but this ratio might change).
  • 2 New Destructive strikes.
  • 3 New Utility strikes.
  • More process complication (The good kind).
  • Better stability.
  • Better tolerance to other mods in terms of conflicting ID's.
  • More tweaking options.

Watch this page for any development updates.


A lot of things have changed since the last build (1.0.2). So lets dig in:

1. Removed the Photon Distribution Wire

Yes. Wired is out. Wireless is in. Read on to find out how.

2. Added new Machines (IMPORTANT!)

  • 1. Photon Accelerator:

Photon Accelerator

  • This block is used to beam PU from adjacent Photonic Inverters up to 15 blocks away.



  • 2. Photon Decelerator:

Photon Decelerator

  • This block is used to recieve PU from Photon Accelerators up to 15 blocks away, and distributes it EQUALLY to its 4 adjacent blocks; N, S, E, W.



  • 3. Photon Defender


  • This block is used as defence against the mob hordes!! Acts as a Sentry.



Photon defender Setup

The Photon Defender only needs to be inside the beaming range of the Photon Accelerator (default 15 blocks):

Def Setup


Summed up:

To sum up the above, the power transport systems works like this:



  • Photon Decelerators and Inverters CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT Supply power to extenders. DO NOT TRY IT, IT WILL NOT WORK. THIS IS DONE SO ON PURPOSE.
  • The max range of Photon Accelerators can be set in the config file (OB.cfg)
  • Call several photon strikes while listening to Coheed and Cambria- "Here we are Juggernaught".



You have my permission to use Orbital Bombardment in any mod pack you wish to build (public or private), under the following circumstances:

PM/E-mail me the following information:

  • Private/Public modpack
  • Mod pack name
  • Estimate monthly users

Mod Spotlights


  • #33 MC_masterminds

    Can some1 give me the/a .jar file for this?


  • #32 Sniper16i

    Hey, this is a really cool mod, I think you should consider these ideas: A GPS system with a map like the vanilla one but requires power and is all techy looking, an Applied Energistics Satellite for wireless ME anywhere(required constant power, uses a channel the player sets), and a Communication satellite that lets you make private chat channels for everyone with a handheld device of sorts( device like the handheld GPS)   This is an awesome mod and I hope my ideas are constructive :)   

    Last edited by Sniper16i: Dec 20, 2014
  • #31 X_Zodio

    The mod is amazing! I never get tired of the animations in it! All I could really ask is for it to be updated to 1.7.2, but other than that I love everything about it.

  • #30 theminecrafter123

    Can someone please give me the download link for the 1.6.2 version of the orbital bombardment mod?

  • #29 fredabong

    can i have permission to use this mod in a public ftb modpack plz?


  • #25 Kinnyth

    I don't know what Im doing wrong but when I try to place a satellite it consumes it and disappears (it does not launch it)... Im in hard mode also.

    Last edited by Kinnyth: Aug 25, 2014
  • #24 BuckdoesMC

    Can someone give me a link to download 1.6.4 fml? i search everywhere but it only shows 1.7.10 and 1.7.2 :(  

  • #28 LANDEDIT

    http://files.minecraftforge.net its at the vary bottom



  • #23 tomskeet18

    Any chance there could be a downgraded version of this for 1.5.2? It would be AWESOME in the Voltz modpack.

  • #21 XxCraftedMindxX

    If the wire is removed, how am i gonna use this mod?


  • #22 RedarRadar

    Use the Wireless thingys.

    (Photon Decelerator and Photon Accerlator) 

    I figured it out. Just place a bunch of Solar Panels and Photon Accelerator and you're good to destory every dang villages.

  • #20 RedarRadar

    Hello. I see you removed the wire for wireless. You may wanna re add the wire. Wireless isn't getting enough power AT ALL. Plus add some back up Photon Generate incase it's night time or it's raining something like that. (I know there is extender but still.)

  • #19 LemADEC

    I've tried the mod in single player and the meteors aren't falling.
    The logs only says "[ForgeModLoader] The world 5022ddd9 (Survival) may have leaked: seen 30 times."

    This looks like a try/catch without a stackdump in the mod.

    Also, does the mod support clouds like Natura? Can we change the entity IDs so it doesn't overlap other mods?

    The charging station seems to be very fast. Could we have an option to define the tickrate for energy transfer (this would also help with server lag :)).

  • #27 LemADEC

    I see the configuration to change Block & Item Id, but nothing for Entity IDs. Can you be more specific?

  • #26 Poenjabiesous

    You can change them in OB.conf

  • #17 Happyman538

    Hello, i am Happyman538 and i am asking to update this mod to 1.7.2

  • #18 Poenjabiesous

    Hi Happyman538

    I will bump the version in the future. Right now 100% of all modpacks this mod is included in runs off 1.6.4; doing version bumps to 1.7.X right now will be illogical as I will then effectively stop supporting the modpacks itself. 1.6.4 is the most widely used version right now (forge-wise), just like 1.5.2 was a year ago or so.

  • #16 axelpx


    Probably there is something wrong in the config, but the maximum energy charge of some blocks/items doesn't change when you tweak their settings. Please check, it makes some of items too OP with their default values or impossible to be used at all.

  • #15 racecart194

    you can even do that in either the nether and the end

  • #14 ballzaking

    Good Good

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