Opis is a server profiler for Forge server.

It provides a set of commands to get timing for entities and tile entities. Once the server is profiled, it will display the results in a nice list and allow you to teleport directly to the source of lag to check it out.

It comes packed with MapWriter to support the display of the locations and quick teleportation.


  • #5 insectdude

    I am having trouble with this mod in Natural Magic. It appears not to be saving the chunk info once i quit. when i load the pack up again, the map is black except for the chunks around me and all my waypoints are gone. Is there a way to fix this? i have tried deleting all the mapwriter files in my world directory but it still does it.

  • #3 lucom

    Is there a simple way to update the whole map that MapWriter normally saves? (Regenerate everything based on region files)

    I had some cases where the map wasn't written to disk and thus some of the images of certain zoom levels didn't match the other zoom levels. Also in some cases the cfg hasn't been written.

  • #4 Rallias

    Zoom all the way out, hit R.

  • #2 VileTouch

    cauldron is still no go :(

    thought you'd be interested

  • #1 aass880415


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