Ars Magica 2

AM2 1.0.2b

Change log


-Essence refiner now properly accepts wakebloom
-Crafting altar now properly accepts sugarcane
-Fixed a crashing bug with spell projectiles
-Added a compendium entry for witchwood saplings and how to make them grow
-Added a compendium entry for the crafting altar under "blocks"
-fixed /respec command

-Shortened the range on touch spells significantly.
-Compendium enhancements
-it is now more explanatory and fleshed out based on questions from the community
-it supports color coding to highlight important information
-added some missing entries, such as one for spell books
-moved Summon from shapes to components in accordance with a code change
-Talents tree no longer subscribes to secondary tree skill really
-added /respec command
-corrected healing mana cost
-nerfed life tap
-fixed dark nexus tendril texture
-tweaks to dig to make it subscribe more to block protection
-deficit no longer causes machines to explode, they just become less efficient as deficit builds (consuming more essence) and eventually power down if it gets too high.
-if they power down, once deficit lowers enough (down to 80% of max deficit) they will resume again automatically.
-default maximum is 1000
-mark now overwrites the location of a previous mark without needing to clear it first. This means one cast instead of two to update your mark location.
-Added darkling spawn egg
-Fixed Darkling models
-witchwood leaves now respect graphics settings
-buckets are no longer lost when putting liquid essence into a tank
-mana potion bundles now correctly return string when fully consumed
-fixed a crashing bug relating to AM ore items and metadata
-shapes, components and modifiers show their required components in the compendium
-maximum size of a spell capped in the inscription table to 16 parts
-fixed an index out of bounds issue with the inscription table writing recipes to books under rare circumstances
-The forge component, when cast on a villager, will smelt them into an emerald
-this can be turned off in config.
-chain spells can no longer target the caster
-increased the spawn rate of wakebloom flowers and enabled their spawn in river-type biomes
-Mana creepers "explode" much more quickly now
-calefactors now double ores, with light power having a small chance to triple ores (but running much more slowly)
-fixed the crashing bug when naming a spell for the first time (pretty sure, still was never able to replicate this issue personally)
-air affinity negative effects can be countered by either sneaking or casting gravity well on yourself
-added witchwood saplings and renewable aum
-spell staves can now have their spell set
-fixed rotations of several held items
-fixed the refiner UI
-corrected keystone forget crash bug
-light mages no longer randomly attack players
-improvements to AI to make it more efficient

Known caveats

This mod is currently incompatible with RotaryCraft.
Optifine can cause the text in the compendium to not have spaces.


Uploaded on
Oct 27, 2013
Game version
  • 1.6.4
19.6 MiB