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Change log

AM2 1.1 Patch Notes



This version completely changes how spell books store their data. Before upgrading, make sure you empty all spell books! You WILL lose the contents otherwise!
-After updating you can put the spells back in and they will work as normal, possibly even better.

This version also changes how mana batteries work. You may want to use up the power in them before upgrading, as it may go poof as well.

This version changes how skill points work. You will lose any banked skill points after upgrading. Visit an occulus before upgrading!

This update includes a Forge update that requires version This mod is no longer compatible with 1.6.2!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\ SERIOUSLY, GO BACK UP AND READ IT AGAIN, DO NOT SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!

New Stuff:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\ Added sigil system
-Sigil Stand
-this is needed to use sigils at all, sigils are applied to this block. Multiple sigils can exist on the same stand (max 3)
-sigils can be disabled with redstone
-All sigils can be upgraded by making an inlay ring around the sigil stand. Gold > Iron > Redstone. Different things are upgraded with each specific sigil, but almost all share a range upgrade of some sort.
-The compendium will have more detailed information
-Sigil of the Felled Oak
-Slowly cuts down trees in a 9x9 around it
-Sigil of Nature's Bounty
-Increases growth rate of plants in a 9x9 around it
-Sigil of Gentle Rains
-Hydrates soil in a 9x9 around it
-Sigil of the Flat Lands
-Breaks all full blocks above it in a 9x9x4 radius (starting at the sigil itself, moving up)
-Sigil of the Packed Earth
-Fills all spaces below it in a 9x9x4 radius (starting at the sigil itself, moving down)
-Sigil of Butchery
-Kills animals within a 9x9 if there are more than 2 of that specific animal detected
-Sigil of Progeny
-Causes animals within a 9x9 to mate periodically
-Sigil of Containment
-Creates an invisible 9x9 barrier that non-players cannot leave
-Stacks with Sigil of Interdiction
-Sigil of Interdiction
-Creates an invisible 9x9 barrier that non-players cannot enter
-Stacks with Sigil of Containment
-Sigil of the Light
-Causes the Sigil Stand to emit light, and also creates lights in a 16x16 range
-Sigil of Lunar Tides
-Attracts Moonstone meteors in a 128x128 radius

Added Magic Broom
-Picks up items within a radius and deposits them in its assigned chest
Added alternate crafting recipes for potions because brewing is messed up
Added AM ores to ore dictionary
Added magician's workbench
-Remembers recipes for the last 8 things that have been crafted on it, has internal inventory and has multiple crafting grids
-Can be upgraded to do better things
Added Everstone
-Can be "broken" but will slowly regenerate (time is configurable)
-Can be reclaimed with a crystal wrench
-Can mimic any standard block that doesn't use a custom renderer
Added Witchwood Forest Biome
Added Liquid Essence Lakes that spawn in magical biomes making liquid essence much more prevalent
Added a config option to disable worldgen entirely in specific dimensions
Added a variant to illusion blocks that is always passable and doesn't lose its texture with true sight (named Ethereal Illusion Blocks)
-It still emits particles with true sight, however.
Added "Drown" component for water magi
Shuffled the offense tree around
Added IMC support for blacklisting mob spawns in either biomes or dimensions
-Send AM's Entity class name to blacklist and the biome or dimension ID
-Biome: "bsb", "EntityDryad|22"
-Dimension: "dsb", "EntityDryad|22"
Added the rest of the Boss Drop Items
-Winter's Grasp (Launchable guardian arm, applies slow, weaken, and mining fatigue, drags back)
-Arcane Spellbook (Spell Book that boosts casting abilities (more damage, less mana & burnout))
-Fire Antenna (fire immunity helmet thing)
-Earth Armor (excellent physical damage resist, can send shockwaves if shift+punching the ground)
-Water Orbs ([leg armor] that give water breathing and no push when in water)
-Air Sled (spawnable ridable entity)
Added config for "ID Range" (one for blocks, one for items)
-this causes AM to use the configured number as the start of its range when re-generating configs
-this should make it easier for server owners to re-assign item ID ranges
-set this config, then delete all the configs for block IDs and item IDs
-when you re-run the game, the configs will begin at the number you specified and then increment from there
Added a config option for UI only visible when spell/spell book is equipped.
Added a config option for UI to turn the armor display off/on
Added Affinity UI
-Occulus Page for detailed info
-shows each icon and depth
-mousing over the icon shows current advantages/disadvantages
-In-game HUD that shows your primary/secondary affinity + depth
-can be further configured with /amuicfg (show numerics)
Templated in Armor XP Infusion
-This is not fully implemented yet (targetting 1.1.1)
-Armors currently just sit hardcoded at 50% power
-Compendium reflects this
Implemented Binding Shape
Added particle effects for cast on AoE and Chain spells
Fixed particles on Zone spells to be more subtle and reflect the affinity of the zone's spell
Added Wall Shape
-Similar to zone, but creates a wall perpendicular to the player
-Walls apply their effects much more quickly than zones
Added "Silver" skills
-these represent hidden epic level spells
-They are insanely powerful, but have a high mana cost
-Cannot be unlocked through normal means
-Discovered when the correct spell combinations is cast
-These spell combinations are always comprised of other skills within the same tree as the Silver skill
-Shapes are not included as part of the requirements
-2-4 components/modifiers are used for each unlock
-component/modifier order does not matter for the unlock to happen
-all components/modifiers must exist on the same stage
-The components/modifiers relate to the unlockable component in some way; the combination makes sense
-Once exploration is properly added, there will be clues as to the combinations, as well as rare items that can unlock them for you - so don't worry!
-more silver skills are planned
-Silver skills have special casting restrictions
-You cannot cast a spell with a silver skills as part of it unless you know all of the silver skills in the spell yourself
-What this means is that spells containing silver skills cannot be shared, however they can be crafted in such a way that they can be cast on others
Silver Skills List
-Star Strike
-causes a star to fall out of the sky and land at the target location
-has a build in AoE
-Stars cannot be summoned in close proximity to each other
-Fire Rain
-Creates a rain of fire
-is capable of doing damage more often than normal
-has a built in zone
-cannot be summoned in close proximity to other fire rain zones
-Creates a blizzard
-is capable of doing damage more often than normal
-does less damage than fire rain
-has a larger radius than fire rain
-applies a strong slowing effect
-has a built in zone
-cannot be summoned in close proximity to other blizzard zones
-Mana Link
-Links your mana to the target
-Target has access to your mana as their own when in close proximity to you
-A target can have multiple mana links, allowing them to draw mana from multiple mages simultaneously
-beware! This also includes effects like mana drain and mana creepers
-Remove the link by casting it on the target again
-Targets will use their own mana first
-Straying too far does not remove the link, rather it just disables it
-Higher casting modes increase the link distance
-Mana shield
-puts a mana shield on the target that causes mana to be drained instead of health
-250 mana per point of damage blocked
-health will drain normally when mana is exhausted
-Makes it day
-Makes it night
Added WAILA support for illusion blocks and everstone; they appear to WAILA as their mimic block if possible

Old Stuff That's Different:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\ Calefactors now implement ISidedInventory, so hoppers and pipes should work just fine. Any side can import/export.
Arcane reconstructor now implements ISidedInventory
Halved the mana cost of beam spells
Buffed the higher tier mana potions
Standard Illusion Blocks respond much more accurately to True Sight, texture wise.
Life tap now only applies to the caster, even if targeting others. Beware!
With the exception of Telekinesis and Attract (due to their special functionality and more or less requiring channeled), channeled spells now only affect the caster, and apply their effect more slowly
The Grow spell component now works on sand, making desert novas renewable.
The AoE shape now targets a radius even on Diminished
Slightly increased moonstone meteor spawn chance
Baby Hecates now render smaller than their adult counterparts
Spell recipe books include blank rune and spell parchment
Spell recipe books now list components in order
Compendium indicates that light nexus only charges during the day unless moonstone caps
Compendium is more clear where vinteum torches go with the earth guardian
Boosted the amount of poison/wither damage resistance that ender affinity grants from 50% to 75% (at max depth)
The crafting altar block now changes its underlying texture to blend in with the rest of the multiblock
Corrected skill point awards to match the Compendium's description
The "Create Water" spell component can now fill cauldrons
Projectiles no longer consume mana on hitting the target, rather the mana is deducted correctly and completely at cast time
-As a result, the projectile shape has a higher mana cost multiplier
Nerfed the "Grow" spell component
-No longer causes Aum to grow
-Chance to grow significantly reduced
Nerfed Radius Modifiers
Staged compendium
-The compendium now begins with a barebones version of the mod, which draws attention to the beginning guides, blocks, and items that get the mod going
-Additional entries are unlocked as they are encountered
-This functionality can be disabled via config
Calefactors, Essence Conduits, and Crystal Pillars can now be placed on walls and ceilings
-They will rotate their model and effect to reflect this orientation change
Mana Batteries no longer convert power types to Neutral
-They will instead "polarize" to that essence type
-Breaking the battery still preserves the power inside it as well as the essence type
-Batteries slightly change their appearance to reflect their current power type
-Batteries no longer look for sources to charge from upon being placed; rather they need to be manually paired with a crystal wrench as well as given a redstone signal
-This was due to a glitch where batteries would override their power type and then lose all stored charge
Spell Book NBT has been completely rewritten
-This will break all spell books when you upgrade - TAKE YOUR SPELLS OUT FIRST
Logging in to a server now causes clients to subscribe to the server's disabled skills configuration settings
Increased Arcane Affinity mages chance for clearcasting
Improved block-breaking mechanics to better work with protection mods
-This is not 100%, but is an ongoing improvement process
Disarm now works on mobs
-The mob will drop a heavily damaged version of the item
-If the mob is a ranged attacker, an AI task will be added to have them attack in melee
-this isn't perfect, as I can't guess at everything, but it's not bad.

Things that don't break anymore:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\ Fixed Chain so it works properly after other shapes
Fixed a duplication bug with Dig
Fixed a crashing bug with the compendium and certain recipes, such as reflect
Fixed the compendium timing bug
Fixed a bug with MCPC+ that caused data duplication in the player's SpellKnowledge file
Fixed forward/flee behavior in particle emitters
Fixed the Seventh Sanctum suggestions
Added packets for spell client particles/sounds
Fixed the compendium text spacing issues due to optifine
Fixed a visual bug where the XP bar would overflow
Fixed the bug where a summon spell would summon thousands of the same creature and then crash the game
Fixed a bug with AoE+Dig digging behind walls under certain circmstances
The arcane reconstructor no longer continues to consume power if it has repaired an item but has nowhere to put it
"Fixed" witchwood sapling drop rate
Fixed an issue with casting spells in spell books
Fixed an issue where dispel wouldn't properly remove buff attributes added
Fixed "/unlockaugmentedcasting" not unlocking augmented casting
Made progress on the crashing bug when trying to name spells, but I wouldn't call it fixed yet.

Known caveats

This mod is currently incompatible with RotaryCraft.


Uploaded on
Dec 22, 2013
Game version
  • 1.6.4
18.6 MiB