Good Night's Sleep Dimensions

Instrucrional and Comprehensive Guide to Sleeping

Finding a Suitable Bed

The first step to having vivid dreams is having an unusual bed.

There are three kinds of beds: Strange, Luxurious and Wretched.

Each one will take you to a corresponding state of REM.

Strange beds can be crafted from infusing regular beds with the feelings of hope and despair, which can be found throughout everyday life. They are easier to make, but make predicting what you will dream of a rather difficult task.

Luxurious and Wretched beds can be crafted by augmenting strange or regular beds with strong emotions of positivity or Negativity.

When you should sleep:

It does not have to be night time to sleep, since, as you may know, many of us are big nappers.

Sleeping in a Bed

right click it


It is recommended that you avoid sleeping in the Wretched Bed. Although it may provide you with brand new materials, you will also encounter an unlimited force of evil from the most despised and vile creatures you know, or don't know.

Extending Dream Time:

Dream time can be extended by consuming special mushroom stews made from the materials present in the current dream.

Waking up:

Either wait for the sun to set in the good dream or rise in the nightmare. To facilitate the process, you can consume a specific type of mushroom stew.

Being sure if sleeping in other dimensions works or not:

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