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What is Spoutcraft?

Spoutcraft connects the server and client which makes most of the SpoutcraftPlugin features possible. Some things such as inventory monitoring and the server speed improvements only require the SpoutcraftPlugin server plugin. Any player can connect to a SpoutcraftPlugin enabled server; they will just miss out on the features it has to offer. Spoutcraft is optional, but using it unlocks the real features behind the SpoutcraftPlugin plugin.

How do I get started?

Download the Technic Launcher here. The Spoutcraft client mod was recently moved to the Technic Platform for deployment purposes, without this Spoutcraft would not be available to our users.

This is the link to the Mod Pack that you'll need:


What are the features?

(Players must have the Spoutcraft client mod installed)

  • Performance improvements inspired by OptiFine
  • Advanced video options and settings
  • HD textures and HD fonts support integrated
  • Better Grass, Snow, and Sky support integrated
  • HD skins and HD capes support integrated
  • Biome water colors (watercolor.png usage)
  • SetRemainingAir/SetMaximumAir render correctly
  • Enabling/disabling of visual cheats as set by SpoutPlugin on a server
  • In-game public server list and search and filter options
  • MP3 support for custom music and sounds
  • VIP donor features such as global armor, capes, skins, titles, and particles.
  • Settable flight, autorun, and water treading keys
  • Inventory sorting and automatic tool replacement
  • In-game public server list and search and filter options
  • Sign rendering performance improvements
  • Minimap inspired by Zan's and overview map built-in
  • Ability to set waypoints and show deathpoints on the overview map
  • Customizable shortcuts and key bindings

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