Lunar Texture Pack version 10!!!

This is my first texture pack so things won't be really complex until I get a feel for how to do things. The theme is in a galaxy far far away... The point is to alter Minecraft's appearance to look like a Moon. This is also supposed to incorporate technology into the blocks so I will use a lot of transparency, neon colors (designed to look like electricity/displays), caution tape, and random colors in certain places (lights and things). This is up to date with Minecraft Version 1.2.5. I hope you enjoy!

To install:

  1. Type in %appdata% in Start menu(or open Run then %appdata%)
  2. Click Roaming
  3. Click .minecraft
  4. Place Lunar TP in the texturepacks folder
  5. Run Minecraft
  6. Click Texture Packs
  7. Choose Lunar TP You've installed the texture pack!!

Finally uploaded a release file!! Won't be updating as much, only for minor things and suggestions. Working with java now so expect plugins in the future. Enjoy my pack!

If you have any suggestions or problems, just email me at [email protected] or post a comment.


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