Stew's Pack


A 16x16 texture pack made by me to replace the stone, stone ore, the various stone bricks, cobblestone and glowstone, netherack, quartz ore, jungle logs, gravel, furnace, dropper, dispenser, piston and stone tools with textures I prefer.

The pack was made by me for me, feel free to use for yourself. The gravel is the old gravel texture that I liked more.  Cobblestone, stone bricks, furnace, dropper and dispenser textures are just coloured to match the new stone texture.  I will continue add textures if new updates add new stone based textures or I find any stone based textures I missed.

If you'd like to make suggestions then feel free, but bear in mind i make these pixel by pixel so try not to ask something that'd take ages to make.


Date created
Mar 16, 2013
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Jul 14, 2013
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Stew's Pack
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