a world that's beautiful with shaders and custom NPCs

Apr 17, 2014 Release
have you ever wanted a tropical-like world without tropical realm mod well her it is!

color parkour

Apr 15, 2014 Release
my first map it is color parkour it has four levels easy medium meduim + and hard check my youtube channel witch is vidkings thank you :)
AgraSkies_Panel copy

Agrarian Skies Map Backup

Apr 15, 2014 Release
This is a downloadable backup for the Home Sweet Home map that ships with the Agrarian Skies modpack on the Feed the Beast Launcher. the map will not work without the pack. This is here to provide a place for people to download a replacement map when they die. To use this map you will need to download the modpack from the Feed the Beast Launcher. Map thread:


Apr 14, 2014 Release

Night Speed Run

Apr 14, 2014 Release
Follow the glowstone in the night... with 20x speed.

Invisible PvP

Apr 14, 2014 Release
Hello I'm GlaciatorGaming And This Is Invisible PvP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invisible PvP Is PvP Where You Have A Chestplate (PUT IT ON!) Your Invisible, And You KIll People With An Axe.

Ghost PvP

Apr 13, 2014 Release
Hello People I'm GlaciatorGaming (Not Electircreeper - :D) And This Is Ghost PvP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ghost PvP Is A PvP Map Where You Are Invisible, You Have A Chain Chestplate (You Need To Put It On.) And You Run Around With Speed And Kill Other People.

Temple of the Four (V:2.5 [1.7.8] [Parkour map] bug fixes

Apr 13, 2014 Release
Temple of the Four is a basic Parkour map for people who are just starting to get into Minecraft Parkour. This map is made all in creative and is only done the basics of the map i plan to bring new updates almost everyday to keep the map interesting soon i will be adding a banana jumps into the map so stay tuned for that it's going to be awesome. Latest update: bug fixes updated for 1.7.8
The Mansion

Luigi's Mansion Adventuremap

Apr 12, 2014 Release
Welcome to your new Mansion. You won a Mansion from a contest you didn't even enter and later you find out that the Mansion is haunted as well. Now you have to battle your way trough the ghosts to safe your brother. This is my remake of Luigi's Mansion (not dark moon). It has a custom ResoursePack, All of the sudden ghosts, Full Redstone, 4 Arena Leaders and 19 normal bosses, Random money rats, and much much more. You can try the normal and the hidden mansion. you onely got !!ONE!! life so...
kill or die

Kil Or Die minigame map

Apr 12, 2014 Release
it is a minigame that you have to kill the zombie and skeleton to win [snapshot 14w11b level (1) you have to kill 15 Zombie and skeleton level (2) you have to kill 35 level (3) you have to kill 50 last level you have to kill the wither boss to win the map!!


Apr 12, 2014 Release
A world that is simply two layers of sand, not bedrock. WARNING: This map will very likely cause lag. A lot of it. If this map lags, it is because of all the sand.

Parkour Town-WIP

Apr 12, 2014 Release
This is a fun little parkour map. I think it is a cool concept, Every house has 1 level. The bigger the house... the harder the levels (It also depends on the difficulty). The Rules: 1. No breaking blocks\ 2.No placing blocks on peaceful

Islands Of Dragonia 1.7.5

Apr 11, 2014 Release
Welcome, to a Island of Paradise, a humble home of peaceful villagers, here to give you a welcome, to a land of Roller coasters, temples, and Floating Islands, but not all is what it seems secrets lie in between this islands underground abandoned mine, mysterious coasters that never saw the light of day, and a Underground Lab who are kidnapping the islands folks and turning them into the mobs we see today...Can you find all the secrets of this unknown island? BY: Geckokat ^3^ I hope you like...


Apr 09, 2014 Release
What happens when V games meet each other inside of Minecraft?? Portal---Super Mario---Pokemon---Saints Row---The Legend of Zelda You are starting a journey trough every game, trying to escape the system you are locked in. Who waits for you at the end?? Who created this world?? Who wants you dead?? FIND IT OUT

Hard Survival

Apr 09, 2014 Release
This World is hard to survival,Warning if you dead you don't have any stuff. Download :D

Kingdom hearts RE:coded

Apr 09, 2014 Release
This is a minecraft world of kingdom hearts Enjoy every single bit of kingdom hearts if you want to see updates head into my topic on this map on
Captura de tela 2014-03-29 13.00.09

stampy world 1.7.6

Apr 09, 2014 Release
hello manu1099 stampy world

Sky Parkour

Apr 07, 2014 Release
This is a partial parkour, partial joke map that I made about a year ago. It was inspired by the famous Skydoesminecraft when it was 2013. This is just for fun so please do not hate and give me how good it was to you in all fairness.(It is aka Sky's butter Kingdom)
Manor at Night

Ice Manor Survival - Patisek

Apr 07, 2014 Release
Looking for an interesting way to start your world? Not bothered to go through the "stone age"? Allways wanted to play in the snowlands but worried about food and animals? This is a map for YOU! Centered in a gigantic Snow Biome, with interesting large Ice Spikes areas around and some custom features listed below, it's a magnificent way to start a new survival world or a server with friends! Storyline: You are a cartographer travelling south from a long journey across the northern wastelands....

Ice Kingdom | Hunger Games Map

Apr 07, 2014 Release
12 players can play on this map. Radius=270meters /270 blocks/ Includes: -Castle -Cave -Tower -Nether Area -Tall Mountains -Lava Canyon