• Downloaded 1,719,989 times, last updated Aug 21, 2015.

    Diversity 2 is a multi-genre map. Complete the Monument by obtaining the genre-specific wool blocks throughout the map.

  • Downloaded 135,939 times, last updated Jan 22, 2016.

    1.9 PvE map. Use custom zombies, 3D weapons and the features of the 1.9

  • Downloaded 1,205,216 times, last updated Aug 21, 2015.

    A Minecraft challenge map with 10 unique genres

  • Downloaded 263,617 times, last updated Dec 7, 2015.

    In this map the player uses technology to break into a highly secure underground complex featuring: functioning rotating cameras, moving guard robots, laser security, motion detectors and more in order to steal valuable prototypes.

  • Downloaded 86,752 times, last updated Mar 24, 2015.

    Gather your friends and prepare yourselves for a bright, colourful, modern and fun packed modded map where you race against each other, breaking Lucky Blocks (100 of them!) and completing challenges along the way!

  • Downloaded 17,193 times, last updated Jul 5, 2015.

    Nail by Rixiot with guns and turrets!

  • Downloaded 158,674 times, last updated Jan 16, 2016.

    Starting world for the TolkieCraft II ModPack from FTB

  • Downloaded 44,636 times, last updated Mar 29, 2015.

    Impress the chaps in the science club by finding the shiny Atlantis Chrystal. The map can be played by any number of people, but won't work on Bukkit servers. Estimated playtime: 45-60 min.

  • Downloaded 17,628 times, last updated Feb 7, 2016.

    An epic 1.8 Adventure Map with over 100 quests

  • Downloaded 358,630 times, last updated Jun 26, 2014.

    Official - Agrarian Skies Map Backup

  • Downloaded 5,098 times, last updated Feb 5, 2016.

    A "fun" mini puzzle map for your extra time.

  • Downloaded 46,326 times, last updated Feb 7, 2015.

    13 coasters and over 65 mini games

  • Downloaded 97,684 times, last updated Apr 23, 2014.

    stampy world

  • Downloaded 54,601 times, last updated Aug 17, 2014.

    A map for as maximum 4 Players at once for a prepared, save & teamwork-favored start!

  • Downloaded 3,311 times, last updated Jan 28, 2016.

    A Minecraft Visual Puzzle Map

  • Downloaded 14,251 times, last updated Sep 18, 2014.

    Redstone house i made with 4x4 piston garage door,elervator and lots more.

  • Downloaded 3,494 times, last updated Jan 26, 2016.

    Fast-paced 2D guessing game!

  • Downloaded 28,109 times, last updated Dec 1, 2014.

    You go on vacation to a winter wonderland and have to find their missing citizens!

  • Downloaded 119,318 times, last updated Dec 22, 2014.

    A Minecraft game of constant growth and upgrades.

  • Downloaded 43,815 times, last updated Sep 19, 2015.

    you need to get to the end but it isnt easy because lava, arrows and other traps are trying to kill you... you need to jump over them and blocks to not end up dying...