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    Hi, everyone,

    Is there a mod that changes the crafting mechanics such that you can use recipes only if you learned them from making the recipe? So it's realistic, in real life - you can't know for sure how to make something until you've actually made it. Even better if you can write them down in a book (once you've found out how to make one!).

    I'm creating my own realistic modpack and I'd absolutely love to have that.

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    posted a message on Hide Redstone Wiring Inside Walls Without Adding a lot of Width?

    Hi everyone,
    I recently made a 3-bedroom house scaffold in Minecraft, and surrounded each wall with a 1-block-wide space + 1-block-wide wall to create hollow walls for feeding wires in the internal space to be able to hide wires.


    However it made each wall 2 blocks wider, and when having two such walls attached, I had to add another 1-block-wide wall to insulate/separate the two wiring spaces, so instead of having a wall of a thickness of 1 block between each room, the width is now 5 blocks. Just to connect two rooms and hide the wiring.


    Is there a mod or any way to do that without adding so much thickness to the walls? I plan to use Immersive Engineering regardless but I don't think it'd be able to solve this issue since it doesn't support anymore wires through blocks. Is there anything I can do or is it a tradeoff that I have to make?

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    posted a message on Not Accepting Default Installation Path - Says It Contains English Letterse and Numbers When It Doesn't?

    I'm trying to add Minecraft on Windows, which was installed for me at the default location:



    Which on my machine evaluates to:


    Which, as you can see, does not contain any non-Enligsh letters or numbers - except for the '.'. But that's from the default installation path of the game I don't know why CurseForge has that limitation, considering it's the deafult, years-standard path for Minecraft. 


    is there anything that can be done about it?

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