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    School is out for summer but that doesn't mean you can't have fun in Minecraft!

    Craft textbooks for each subject, each with unique abilities, effects, or uses.

    To begin, there are two things you need to create:

    1.) A Desk

    Desk Recipe

    2. ) A Blank TextbookTextbook Recipe


    With these two things, you are able to create everything else in the mod.

    The Desk:

    Right click with a blank textbook or any base textbook to start crafting an item with the desk.
    If you want to remove your items at any time, shift right click the desk with an empty hand.
    After placing a textbook on the desk, you can make other books by adding two other items.


    Math Textbooks:
    Math Textbook = Blank Textbook + Redstone + Ender Pearl
    Basic Calculator = Math Textbook + Redstone + Stone Button
    Graphing Calculator = Math Textbook + Daylight Detector + Comparator
    Algebra Textbook = Math Textbook + Redstone Torch + Basic Calculator
    Statistics Textbook = Math Textbook + Emerald + Basic Calculator
    Geometry Textbook = Math Textbook + Stone + Basic Calculator
    Calculus Textbook = Math Textbook + Diamond + Basic Calculator


    Science Textbooks:
    Science Textbook = Blank Textbook + Glass Bottle + Spider Eye
    Graduated Cylinder = Science Textbook + Glass Block + Glass Block
    Biology Textbook = Science Textbook + Rotten Flesh + Poppy
    Chemistry Textbook = Science Textbook + Gold Nugget + Graduated Cylinder
    Physics Textbook = Science Textbook + Apple + Sand
    Geology Textbook = Science Textbook + Diamond + Lapis
    Astronomy Textbook = Science Textbook + Daylight Detector + Clock

    English Textbooks: 
    English Textbook = Blank Textbook + Feather + Ink Sac
    Literature Textbook = Enchantment Table + Ink Sac
    Composition Textbook = Paper + Ghast Tear

    Note: The Lit. Textbook will spawn letters in. You are able to spell up to five letter words with these letters. When you finish spelling a word, right click the first letter of the word to have it come to life. A full list of words can be found here

    History Textbooks: 
    History Textbook = Blank Textbook + Bone + Emerald
    Geography Textbook = History Textbook + Compass + Map
    Culture Textbook = History Textbook + Brick + Bread

    Psychology Textbook = Blank Textbook + Eye of Ender + Sugar
    Philosophy Textbook = Blank Textbook + Cake + Bucket
    Business Textbook = Blank Textbook + Iron + Glowstone Block
    Music Textbook = Blank Textbook + Note Block + Blaze Rod
    Language Textbook = Blank Textbook + Minecart + Oak Boat

    All useable textbooks have a description and an in-game cooldown.



    Chair Recipe


    Link Removed: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nimx8fvbqnahp23/schoolmod-1.1.jar/file

    FORGE 1.14


    A complete remake of my 1.6.4 School Mod.

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