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    I am looking for people willing to play on my modded server. Looking for experienced and mature players. I myself am experienced and mature. The server has the modpack Verus.


    But ignore the description because I have not yet updated it. The 1.12.2 version that I am using has NuclearCraft, Advanced Rocketry, Stargate Atlantiscraft, Tough As Nails, Open Modular Turrets, Serene Seasons, and more...


    The server has restarts every 4 hours to help prevent lag, but it is on a server with 5120MB of RAM and a SSD. Will upgrade the amount of RAM if enough players are  joining. The server will not reset.


    My "vision" for this server is to have a stargate system throughout the server and between all the worlds. Also if anyone wanted to have any custom stars or planets and moons added (on Advanced Rocketry) I would definitely work with you and get it on the server. Also if anyone wanted to start on another planet besides the overworld I would be glad to help with that. 


    There is also a chunk claiming and loading system with FTB Teams.


    If you are interested in joining please pm me and I can give you our discord channel.


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    I was wondering if anyone was working on making a modpack with Stargate Atlantiscraft in it. I would like to know so I could possibly help in the making of it or in possibly a server.


    I just have some other mod suggestions for a modpack with Stargate Atlantiscraft in it.


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    In reply to Anteater46:

     Yea I did that and it worked thanx so much.
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    I have created a modpack called Basic Technoly and uploaded it to Curse. I also created a server to use along side of it, but just recently when I updated both the server and the modpack Ender IO disappeared from the server. It still works on singleplayer, but it wont even show up in the NEI on the server. This is the seventh update and the six before worked just fine. Is there maybe a mod compatibility issue? If so can I fix it?


    My latest log: http://pastebin.com/CgVKs5FN


    My latest forge log: Dropbox file srry


    Please help, and ask any questions if I left out something.

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