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     Alright, glad to hear it.
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    Why on earth did you decide to make the CREATIVE builders wand use up blocks from your inventory? It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't leave a fake block in your inventory with a 0 on it that you have to remove before you can continue using the wand every time you use up a stack.


    This makes no sense from a balance standpoint as you're only supposed to have the CREATIVE builders wand in...you guessed it CREATIVE so survival aspects are irrelevant.


    At the very least make it a config option....

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    Just wanted to let you know that MoarSigns-1.10.2- causes a start up crash when used with Chisel_DEV-MC1.10.2-


    Sorta generic error: https://pastebin.com/4XAvhYPg


    (I've posted this to the MoarSigns project page as well)

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    Right clicking on a label attached to an empty Quantum Storage Unit deletes my items. It takes them from my inventory and they disappear. If I keep right clicking it will continue to delete items till my inventory is empty.

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    This is an awesome mod for graphic artists and people who like to create technical images of the builds they make to share with others.


    This will hopefully save me lots of time and effort now that I won't have to make 3d models of the blocks and items for my build renders.


    Thanks for making it!

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    Thanks for all the hard word, keep it up.

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    This looks interesting and cute, I'm gonna give it a try.

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    I'm having an issue with the Vacuum Chest using v3.1.161.


    In my test flat world I have a chest sitting in the open. items will get pulled to the chest but then they will rebound a few time before going in.


    In my single player survival world I have a chest in a wall collecting items from a mob farm kill chamber. Items will go towards the chest but then fly up into the air then come back down. This happens non stop and items never enter the chest.


    I'm using the same mods in my custom pack as I was with the previous version and didn't have this problem. Though I did update a few of them so I'm not sure if it's EnderIO's fault or not.


    Can anyone help me?

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     Enjoy the mod, thanks for creating it!

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