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    Quote from EmosewaGamer >>
     they would be almost helpful, except they are for 1.10 and 1.7.10. I'm on 1.11.2 (my fault for not saying that) and even if I install a 1.11 grappling mod, it messes up all the mobs as it's not for 1.11.2. It is really annoying. I liked that mod. 
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    I'm not sure what to call this but I play with mods that add new ore's and some I can't even generate by choosing there preset. I was wondering if there was a mod that would put all the world generator presets into one and allows you to customize the modded ore's as well as traditional, even the emerald ore and etc. Even customize mobs, mob limits, and what they do and contrain them. That is all I am wanting as more and more mods add in the ores, but no way customizing the limits of each. It's kinda silly. Some ores you want more rare than others but they turn up more often than vanilla ore's. 

    Plus I like the atg generator mod, but it doesn't give me vanilla preset customization. 

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    (Hi Me CosmicjLightning on minecraftforum.net)

    I know, not another dimension mod. I'm sorry, I wouldn't req any if all the owners of the dimension mods would update there mods to 1.11.2 or later. 


    Anyway. This is going to be lengthy, so I'll try my best to put stuff in order. I have add, so it might no be quite feasible.



    Basically it would essentially allow the user to overwrite any dimension without turning the game, the map off. Meaning lets say you tired of the nether, lets use world painter to make a new map new area to explore in the nether. Same with the End. And lets say you have simpledimensions mod, that let's you create new dimensions with ease of access. This would allow you to enter those dimensions by crafting a portal that allows the use of a command code to tell you to that dimension. Of course this would create endless possibilities and etc, but it does come with a cost. Now the nether portal or end will still stay the same, but in order to change it from the nether to a different dimension you created in worldpainter, you'd need to use the portal changer.


    There was a land vastly filled with dangers that one lonely person had to face to bring forth a new world called minecraft. This survivor and great hero was not only famous for being the most feared and deadly person that now exists, but his name was herobrine. Before minecraft he was not herobrine, but just another person exploring new lands, realms, dimensions and planets til the fateful day of him falling into the darkest, most horrible realm that made him what he is today. These that you explore were things that herobrine saw before he become swollen with evil and power. With the help of a scientist, maybe herobrine will be able to go back home and become the true hero of his realm, as the adventures have for him have ended, but yours just has been started.


    Portal Changer: 

    Allows user to change the portal to go to different custom worlds the user has made in other saves. Each time you light the portal, depending on portal you lit will randomly take you to random dimensions. Always random and possibility of never getting home. When you go through a portal that has been lit with this portal changer, when you come to a different dimension the portal closes and gets destroyed thus req. you try and make your way home. 


    10 Iron Ingots/ right of middle

    10 Gold Ingots/ left of middle

    1 flint and steel/ middle

    10 Gold Ingots/ above the middle

    10 Iron Ingots/ below the middle


    Cured Portal Changer

    Allows User to quickly travel each dimension that they already explored and elimates being stuck in that dimension. Given you still need to travel there before you can use the cured portal changer gui, thus needing the regular portal changer as use as well. 

    20 Portal Ingots

    1 Portal Changer

    20 Portal Ingots


    Portal Ore

    An ore that is randomly found and the only ore in the over-world allowing one to make portal gear for when traveling to other dimensions. It appears to be tinted yellow stone with redish/black ore material for the ore itself resembling it's dimension. Smelted in a golden furnace to yield portal ingots. This ore will spawn in the nether and the end if you use the portal changer on any given portal, it will first and always wield that dimension spawning portal ore in it. So if you have other dimension mods, it will add portal ore to them once used on it once. Keep in mind the portal still closes behind you and rarity of finding the ore becomes increasingly difficult exploring each dimension. 


    Portal Boots - 4 portal ingots

    Portal Leggings - 7 portal ingots

    Portal Helmet - 5 portal ingots

    Portal Chestplate - 8 portal ingots


    Each of these gives the user the ability to fly like an elytra granted it is very new technology and unstable

    Each of these gives the user the ability to keep inventory when they die, as traveling in new dimensions can be dangerous.

    Each of these gives the user a curse, that forces a player to stay in the dimension they traveled to until they can find a new portal way out, so dying will keep you there. sorry. 


    Rates of finding portal ore without cure .5% for each portal gear


    Unstable Reactor

    A reactor used to make the portal gear a little more stable or more dangerous...

    4 portal ingots

    4 iron ingots

    4 gold ingots

    Allows you to help you get rid of the curse slowly and surely by slowly curing the portal gear. Basically lets you find more portal ore to help you make a portal gateway to another dimension.

    Once the gear below is fully cured, you'll no longer have problems exploring and thus enabling a whole new dimension with dangers that await.  


    Cured Portal Boots - 4 portal ingot + Portal Boots

    Cured Portal Leggings - 7 portal ingot + Portal Leggings

    Cured Portal Helmet - 5 portal ingot + Portal Helmet

    Cured Portal Chestplate - 8 portal ingot + Portal Chestplate


    Each of these given individually slotted increases the rate of finding portal ore.

    Boots = 2% leggings 7% helmet 4% chestplate 8%


    -Golden Bucket-

    3 golden ingots

    Iron Bucket 

    3 golden ingots



    3 Portal ingots

    Golden Bucket


    Golden Furnace

    The fastest furnace for producing and smelting. Allows smelting of Portal Ore. Does run risk of melting. Hoppers, Droppers, anything that works with a furnace will work with this. 

    5 Gold Ingots

    1 Iron Furnace

    5 Gold Ingots


    Iron Furnace

    A faster furnace for producing and smelting. Will eventually slow down. Hoppers, Droppers, anything that works with a furnace will work with this. 

    5 Iron Ingots

    1 Furnace

    5 Iron Ingots


    Portal Furnace

    A normal furnace that will never melt and allows smelting of all ores and even using lava to smelt iron(won't become molten iron and burn up the furnace. Hoppers, Droppers, anything that works with a furnace will work with this. 

    5 Portal Ingots

    1 Gold Furnace

    5 Portal Ingots


    Portal Block

    All 9 portal ingots in crafting table will yield a block. Needed for the portal gateway. A yellowish/black/red tinted block. 

     The Never-End Ending Dimension

    In this dimension that you come to see will look a lot like the aether, overworld, the end, and the nether all got together and exploded all over the place. It is very bright, a yellowish/black sky emitting light everywhere Lightning randomly scorches land and kills whatever and does it rapidly. A natural hissing sound starts and a poisonous fog seeps into the air and all around you. It looks like something you have never seen before. Taking a whiff might put you on your feet. Than you see something glimmering over in the corner, it looks like gold but it can't be, it's flowing like lava. Same with redstone, coal, and all ores are flowing like liquid and you are wondering how this is even possible. Than you see, you are walking on water. literally, the water is not moving and you can mine it? What is this. Why am I even hear. You feel intense pressure like you can't breathe and very extremely hot. It's like this world is a giant pressure cooker. Than you hear the roar of a dragon. The dragon made of solid liquid ores and flying right towards you. You say I'm outta here, but you look behind you and shouldn't be surprised, but your escape is gone. You were moved. You see a block of slime start bouncing and moving and you run and run until you fall to your doom into a batch of molten redstone. You died by your imagination going wild. 


    Traveling Here is very hard and randomly spontaneous.


    You need to make a portal out of portal blocks created out of smelting portal ore in a golden furnace. Than you need to use the portal changer. Use it and go through. You than see the portal behind you closing. You need to create another portal and repeat the steps. you have a 20% chance of succeeding the first time. 100% in creative and adventure mode.


    Use portal blocks instead, just example:



     Curse of the Traveler's Dimension blocks, Gear, Tools, and Etc Below



    All these liquids can be put in a cauldron.

    Vacuumed Water

    A water block that stays and needs mined to collect. once broke, than you can grab the water with a bucket. Kinda like ice, except you have to break it no matter what

    Hardened Lava

    A form of lava that is hard as a block but once broke it opens up into a pool of lava that will start flowing. you can grab this with a bucket

    Liquid Coal

    A form of coal mixed with water and heated to flow. Very dangerous to swim in, highly recommend not to. It creates the poisonous fog that exists in the dimension. Use golden bucket to scoop it up. 

    Liquid Iron

    Created by smelting iron ingots with a lava bucket or formerly found in said dimension flowing naturally. So don't smelt iron ingots with lava or you will have molten iron flowing out of your furnace and all over you. fortunately in the over-world, it will cool down and become iron ingots. 

    Blue Water

    A mix of lapis ore and water into one making the water very very blue. It's safe to drink and swim in, but not recommended as, too much lapis lazuli can kill you by poisoning you. Use normal bucket or waterbucket. 

    Molten Gold

    Very heated gold that flows like lava but does not cure unlike any metals unless it has oxygen. The overworld would become gold_ingots over-time. Do not swim in. You will burn and die. Golden, Iron, or Portal Bucket lets you pick this up


    Diamond Pond

    This is very rare as diamonds crack and break under extreme pressure while heated, but for some unknown reason this pond is water riddled with blue diamonds and flows gently. You can swim in this, but as the water is hot it will hurt you(2 hearts every 10 seconds). If you place this in the overworld, you would be fine except for the creepers trying to give you hugs. Golden bucket or Portal Bucket lets you pick this up

    Molten Redstone

    It's a mix of lava and water and redstone that creates this boiling hot pool of redness that makes you want to swim in it. Unfortunately, you can't unless you want to fall into the void or boil to death. A simple Iron bucket lets you scoop this up and be on your way.

    White Molten Nether-emerald liquid.

    For some odd reason these two ores are complicated, you'll be forced to grab both of these with the portal bucket unless you want to die a quick death.


    Liquid Mobs

    A mob made from liquid of any flowing material found in minecraft. So water and lava mobs would be found in corresponding near water, lava or where the liquid would reside. Water mob would be found in the overworld. A lava mob would be found in the nether and rarely can be found in overworld. These look a lot like slimes, but choose the color and appearance of the liquid. So a molten liquild mob would be in the new dimension along with others taking the characteristics of the molten liquids.

    Health: randomly generated between 5 to 9 hearts through all the liquid mobs


    Water Blob

    Lava Blob

    Milk Blob (happens to spawn by spilling milk(only works if you can place milk from another mod)

    Molten Gold Blob

    Molten Redstone Blob

    Coal Blob

    Molten Iron Blob

    Diamond Blob

    White Emerald Nether Blob

    (all above can be found in the new dimension as well. Better names please, I'm not good at naming things)

     I will continue this  if it gets attention. Enjoy reading.

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    This would be similar to dimension mods, except it would add the potential to use other dimension mods from other updates, revive them if you will if there creators  will let ya. But this is also just a stand alone mod idea as well. 



    Basically you are an explorer and after going to the nether, you get the ability to unlock other dimensions within it by gathering ore's found there and building a portal. Same goes for the end, after killing the dragon you get a key to go to other dimensions. Each dimension would be similar to the ones we have up to insane like dimensions made out of current in game blocks. Though this would be survival based and each dimension would have harder mobs to kill. 


    Basically I'm looking for an mod that brings many new dimensions to live with new mobs, new places to go, new things to build. I'm trying to get my YouTube off the ground and this would be helpful for 1.11.2. I have simply dimensions but no way to get them accessed in survival with no cheats which this mod lets play would be for. I also would like in this mod maybe a new command block, called survival block. It would let you access certain commands that would not ruin your experience, just basically a tie in to the one command block creations. So that way you could customize each mob using the survivalblock with onecommandblock creations.

    Sorry if I confused you, I'm extremely tired and on mobile phone.


    What made me think of this?

    I'm currently a dreamer who would love to explore other planets IRL and all but I'm also wanting to finish exploring our planet. In minecraft you could build your own worlds and etc, so I'd love to explore any dimension you have made for 1.11.2 as I'd def be excited to try it and would be wowed non-stop plus actually continue playing, I used to be on console but I am moving to console slowly, still trying to get the 360 controller to do what I want on the PC version. The dimension mods currently out there made me want PC version of minecraft, as like I said I like to explore. I'll probably start off getting a good survival world started.  

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