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    Welcome to our world

    We started as a realm Nov 2015 with our amplified world, and it has been going ever since.
    Now we are looking to add new mature players and a new world type, so we moved to a server for better performance and options while keeping it as Vanilla as possible.

    We have three worlds now and you are able to travel between them, the newest world CreepyCabin is not allowed to mix inventory with the other two to keep it as a new world. We have plugins that allow us to catch greifers and undo any damage they cause so everything you build is safe.

    We are here to build as a hobby, relax, and enjoy the game with good company. We play with trust but we will know if you grief and you will be banned, so only join if you are mature.

    We do not have VIP, Mods, or other ranks, we just have the owner and two trusted players per world that are able to view chest and item history in order to ban griefers.

    Check out our website creepyhut.com

    Upon joining you will start at our central hub.
    From here you can go through the portal to the world you choose.

    *NEW* CreepyCabin
    Vanilla map
    Survival on hard difficulty
    Lose items on death
    Started May 2017!
    Multiple biomes really close to spawn point
    We need builders to get a spawn town started to help the new players.




    Amplified map
    Keep items on death
    World started November 2015
    We have a great community and spawn town with all the necessities to get you started quickly.
    We are always looking for ways to improve everything
    We have changed to a new spawn area three times to have room to build
    The world has been running nonstop since day one, so build with confidence because we will not start a new world





    If you would like an invite please use this template

    Your in-game name:
    Your age:
    what you plan to do/build:

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    posted a message on Looking for a classic minecraft server.

    Heyo I would like to invite you to my server, we have multiverse with multiple vanilla worlds, I believe the perfect world to be as vanilla as possible would be CreepyCabin 


    The multiple worlds are due to a merge of different realms when we moved to a server


    There are no mods or VIPs, so everyone plays fairly


    We also just started a forum this week


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