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    posted a message on SevTech Ages is, by far, the worst modpack so far created and should be removed.

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    There's a questbook that explains the basic progression. That invalidates one of your primary complaints.


    Your other complaint is about controls not "working". 99% of optional button commands can be discarded until needed, as I and many other players do. Having broken controls is not the fault of the pack-maker, but of the mod-author. If you find a particular configurable button that is not working as intended, you should contact the mod-author with a bug report or manually update your modlist to a version that fixes the issue.


    Your authoritarian stance on what CurseForge should and should not host is objectively wrong. This is not your platform to police, it is theirs. This content does not violate any of their policies, and CurseForge does not have minimum-quality rules.

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    posted a message on [Crash help]Any Programmers have a second?

    Have you tried generating a new world? And if so, is it a recurring issue?

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