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    Hello. Im a big fan from this pack. I have been playing for quite some time, but i dont play it very often and i didnt update to version 2......so, this is a problem of the last release of 1.9 version of the modpack.


    2 weeks ago i had a problem with forestry, because sturdy machine didnt have a receipe. i found in the configs that the original receipe is disabled, and just reenable it for the moment.


    Now, im facing a bigger problem....buckets. Rolling machine is not working. And before you comment, no, i build the right one (the secondd rolling machine). It has enough power, and it does other crafts without any problem, but it refuses to make the buckets. 


    I'd like to know whats the right receipe for the sturdy machine, and how to make the buckets craft work.....the only other way i have to make this work is giving another receipe (wich is ok, now that i have rolling machine working).


    And now that im here, is there any other receipe bugged that needs to be changed in order to fully play the last 1.9 version of the mod?? 


    THANK YOU!!!

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