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    posted a message on How to remove files with modpack updates ?

    I noticed after i removed a mod from my modpack (that had some config files outside the usual locations) that these folders/files did not get removed just by not adding them anymore in the new version (exporting from custom pack in twitch client)


    So, is there any way to build a modpack file so certain folders / files not used anymore get deleted when people update the mod instead a fresh installation ?


    My concern is mainly that i somewhen have to remove certain crafttweaker scripts and those files then don't get deleted when updating the mod, which would cause serious problems.  Especially as i have quite some script files that do nothing then bypassing bugs in some mods, so when those somewhen get fixed in the mod itself i need to remove my script.

    Or is the only safe way to leave the files no longer used and replace them with empty files ?

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