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    posted a message on Server keeps crashing ''Exception in server tick loop''








    The Server crashed randomly while only I was on the server and doing nothing really special in my base.

    Afterwards the Server would start up but as soon as i join the world it crashes again -> deleted playerdata and joined from the spawn area, wich worked fine until i got near my base, wich caused the server to crash immediately again upon loading the area.

    Tried RemovingErroringEntities and TileEntities in the curse config in case then.

    I tried troubleshooting if one mod caused the problem, the problem persisted with any mod missing. (we also didn't use anything except Tinkers and one AngelOfVengeance block so far, so no player-caused fancy structures, effects etc.)

    As far as i know i'm running the actual versions of all mods and they worked fine so far.


    I couldn't find anything helpfull on google and the log didn't give more of a clue either, anyone got an idea?

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