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    posted a message on Can't login to my several year old account.Twitch won't let me log in.

    I can't login to my original account! Twitch won't let me to login to my original several years old account!


    I use this site for many many long times, for ages. I posted lot of things, had some talks with some mod developers and just in general, I have lot of things that I done in this site using that account.

    And now I lost it?!?!?


    I never logged out from Curseforge site in my webbrwoser (Firefox).

    I registered to this site long time ago, when it has nothing to do with Twitch.

    So every time I come to Curseforge I was always logged in, because Firefox remembered it and have no problems accessing my own account.


    Recently I had to reinstall my OS and everything.

    Than I visited the Curseforge site, and I saw it won't let me log in with my username and password!

    It wan't me to log in only via a TWITCH account. So I created one, but Twitch just created a new account here that I don't want!

    I don't need new Curseforge account, I already have one for ages. I need to log back to my original account, that I created back in those days without Twitch.

    I looked in the members list, but that my old doesn't even there anymore!

    WHERE IS MY ACCOUNT GONE? Why I can't log into that account, and why it is disappeared?


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