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    So the gist is;

    I'm making a pack and I don't have an early game (other than Extra Utils 2) way of transferring energy. 


    I was previously using Zeitheron's Solar flux because A: The cables it had were simple and easily configurable and B: I love the idea of the exponential power compression (adding hundreds of panels together to make 1 super panel).


    UNFORTUNATELY he decided that cables had no place being in the mod, and sure its his mod he can do what he likes, but my problem lies in that I can't find a substitute for them.


    "Just add Thermal Expansion" What if I don't want all the tech that comes with it. I already have enough tech in the pack as it is.


    I'm just hoping someone knows a mod that adds either just cables, or cables with a little bit of stuff that doesn't add a whole bunch.


    Just so we're clear, its not like I don't have ways of transferring FE, I just really like cables

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