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    Can you make it where we can create a player statue?

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    Can you update to 1.11.2?

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     I can't find a I forgot my password button on that site.

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     The characters from all of these:


    Naruto (Without the New Generation), Disney, Marvel, DC, Thundercats, He-Men, She-Ra, TMNT, Power Rangers  characters and Minecraft Youtubers.


    Here's the all of the characters I created or Knight edited :





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    I got a idea for an item.


    What if you have Rope bridge that retracts and extends. Also have flame key lock.


    You can take any slabs and any dye into a crafting table.


    some thing like this: 


    You can change the color of the flames with the dye.


    You can set a lock by choosing a flame color from all the dyes.  Only you know the color flame.


    You could set the thing up to make them invader fall if he/she choose the wrong flame color to place on the flame slab pit.


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    Quote from bl4ckscor3 >>
    Thanks for replied back to me.
     I think you should do something close theses mods? : 
    • Rope bridges mod
    • Moses mod
    • Light bridges mod
    • Secret Rooms mod
    • Levelers and Torches mod
    • Rope Bridges mod.
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    please update to 1.11.2!

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    I just wondering are you guys gonna make 1.11.2 update? Please replied.

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