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    Hey there, Tema, saw you've been mulling over the naming of the generator that uses undead items to generate power, so I figured I'd throw a few ideas your way, in case you'd not considered them.

    1. putrefaction generator

    2. biomortem generator (I dunno if that's a real word, I just threw bio and mortem together)

    3. unholy generator

    and finally,

    4. cryptic generator (because crypt, you see what I did with the... I'm not teribly funny)

    Like I said, just a few more options you might like to consider. Or not! Your choice entirely. Love the mod!

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    I'm curious; is there a "map" of what you want to do with the mod and what needs to be done? I've wondered for a while what's happening with tier 6 and if the demon villages will make a return eventually.

    loving the direction the mod's taken since wills have been introduced!

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    Loving the mod, and looking through the buildings planned, I wondered, is there any possibility of something capable of dealing with animals? a shephard's hut or something?

    Also, there's a slight model orientation detail I've spotted that can be lived with, but when you build a builder's hut, the model  for the top section faces the wall it's against rather than into the hut itself (MC1.10, release v5, candidate v10).

    Again, loving the mod, hope it progresses how you want it to!

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    Could this please be marked as Alpha or Beta? it doesn't really feel like a full release; not terribly fleshed out, and some features are very WIP. Good solid foundation though, this should turn out pretty good, and the recent aesthetic change is very nice.

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