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    Understandable, raoulvdberge. Even at GitHub, you described it again how it's working. Don't know, why some people simply won't do a bit of research before posting "not working".

    Even if it really wouldn't work anymore: A crashreport would at least be helpful to address the issue directly and it could somehow be understandable, because of frequently upgraded Forge-versions :).


    Well, pardon me: I totally forgot to thank you for it. Should be done now :).


     Edit: Something is really messed up here at CurseForge, isn't it? A reply should be below of an answer, not above. Weird.

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    KingLemming said, that there are several issues out. Seems, both devs have to fix some things, I guess.


    "Apparently ExU2 1.3.1 crashes with the latest updates. 1.3.0 does not. I'm sure <s>@</s>RWTema is on it. :)"


    Source: https://twitter.com/KingLemmingCoFH/status/840271272089178112

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    Simply not true. I'm using version 0.4. Please get your facts together:


    It zigzag scans the area of default area of 128x128 blocks of 1 block directly under the pump. But it will drain it until the bottom is reached.


    Lower the range to 64 or 32 to get better results




    # The range of the pump [range: 0 ~ 1024, default: 128]


    If it's too slow, alter the value of ticks.




    # The interval in ticks for when to move on to the next block (higher is slower) [range: 0 ~ 1024, default: 8]


    Note: Speed set to zero is NOT (!) recommended for servers or machines, not able to handle it.


    Ranged Pump working fine

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    I managed to find a solution for now:



    Setting the max. mobs around to 32 and all is fine :).

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    Hm... Nether is bad, because if you miss a Ghast and hit an Enderman instead: You're f*cked :).

    But: 5000 Endermen are a bit worse :D:



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    I know, not directly the place to report bugs and it's a bit of different thing:


    The End-dimension biomes are getting out of control. The Endermen are spawing in thousands without any limit. So it's killing every system over time :).


    MC-version: 1.10.2

    Forge: 1.10.2-

    Mod-version: 1.3.1 for MC 1.10.2


    And have a thank you for all your time, creating such an awesome mod!

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    Oh, missed that mod completely. Thank you very much :).

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    Love this mod. Just have to wait for Pam for a 1.9.4 update, since without it, this mod would be pretty useless. No hate - but the more food you have, the more fun you have with this mod. And Pam is the only developer, providing enough well balanced food. Maybe hunger overhaul too.

    Also glad to see, that GrowthCraft - Community Edition is updating too!



    So: Plans are made & patience is set. Thank you again for your time and wonderful mod.

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    I'm not that fast impressed, but this is just awesome! "Xycraft Tanks"... I stopped playing MC 2 years ago and 1.9.4 got me back - just to check, what mods will get a continued developing. Have to admit, I've never seen your mod before - sadly.


    Since this mod is only useful, if you have other tech-mods in your package: Is there any option to make the parts harder to craft? If you have it, there is no reason anymore to craft a - for example - "Capacitor Bank" from enderIO.


    Suggestion: Optional harder recipes, like using an "Ender Pearl" instead of a bucket and maybe more leaking tanks - even for non-leaking materials. Only with upgrades, you can make it less leaking. I know, it's hard to realize something.


    I'm going to use CraftTweaker to modify the recipe for it - maybe you can implement something by your own :).

    var ironbars = <enderio:blockDarkIronBars>;
    var flcon = <enderio:itemLiquidConduit:2>;
    var rfcon = <enderio:itemPowerConduit:2>;
    var capa = <enderio:itemBasicCapacitor:2>;
    val crystal = <enderio:itemMaterial:5>;
    [[ironbars, flcon, ironbars],
    [capa, crystal, capa],
    [ironbars, flcon, ironbars]]);
    [[ironbars, rfcon, ironbars],
    [capa, crystal, capa],
    [ironbars, rfcon, ironbars]]);

    Tank Valve

    This mod is one, no TechPack should miss. Thank you very much for all your time!

    Edit: CraftTweaker recipe added for users with enderIO installed.

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    Well done mod :). And my compliments to you for your voice - played the video three times only of that. Dunno, but you sound really cute. I hope, compliments nowadays are still welcomed. Keep on your good work and I just hope to see you somehow on Youtube.

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