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    In reply to Endmateria & EmosewaGamer:
    I've included all pictures, I think:

    http://imgur.com/a/NwfEp :)

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    Understandable, raoulvdberge. Even at GitHub, you described it again how it's working. Don't know, why some people simply won't do a bit of research before posting "not working".

    Even if it really wouldn't work anymore: A crashreport would at least be helpful to address the issue directly and it could somehow be understandable, because of frequently upgraded Forge-versions :).


    Well, pardon me: I totally forgot to thank you for it. Should be done now :).


     Edit: Something is really messed up here at CurseForge, isn't it? A reply should be below of an answer, not above. Weird.

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    Simply not true. I'm using version 0.4. Please get your facts together:


    It zigzag scans the area of default area of 128x128 blocks of 1 block directly under the pump. But it will drain it until the bottom is reached.


    Lower the range to 64 or 32 to get better results




    # The range of the pump [range: 0 ~ 1024, default: 128]


    If it's too slow, alter the value of ticks.




    # The interval in ticks for when to move on to the next block (higher is slower) [range: 0 ~ 1024, default: 8]


    Note: Speed set to zero is NOT (!) recommended for servers or machines, not able to handle it.


    Ranged Pump working fine

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    I'm not that fast impressed, but this is just awesome! "Xycraft Tanks"... I stopped playing MC 2 years ago and 1.9.4 got me back - just to check, what mods will get a continued developing. Have to admit, I've never seen your mod before - sadly.


    Since this mod is only useful, if you have other tech-mods in your package: Is there any option to make the parts harder to craft? If you have it, there is no reason anymore to craft a - for example - "Capacitor Bank" from enderIO.


    Suggestion: Optional harder recipes, like using an "Ender Pearl" instead of a bucket and maybe more leaking tanks - even for non-leaking materials. Only with upgrades, you can make it less leaking. I know, it's hard to realize something.


    I'm going to use CraftTweaker to modify the recipe for it - maybe you can implement something by your own :).

    var ironbars = <enderio:blockDarkIronBars>;
    var flcon = <enderio:itemLiquidConduit:2>;
    var rfcon = <enderio:itemPowerConduit:2>;
    var capa = <enderio:itemBasicCapacitor:2>;
    val crystal = <enderio:itemMaterial:5>;
    [[ironbars, flcon, ironbars],
    [capa, crystal, capa],
    [ironbars, flcon, ironbars]]);
    [[ironbars, rfcon, ironbars],
    [capa, crystal, capa],
    [ironbars, rfcon, ironbars]]);

    Tank Valve

    This mod is one, no TechPack should miss. Thank you very much for all your time!

    Edit: CraftTweaker recipe added for users with enderIO installed.

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