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    The Aether:


    The Aether has long been its own mod, and had many recreations and interpretations. But the basic idea is that while the Nether is based off of hell, with its underground, hellish, fire theme. The Aether is based off heaven, with its sky island, heavenly, ice theme. With that in mind, let me go over my own version of the aether and how I think it could be a counterpart to the nether.


    The portal would be constructed in the same 10 block shape as the nether portal, but with gold. And would be activated by pouring water into it. (I changed glowstone to gold so it could be more equal to the nether)


    Just as the Nethers biome identification is “hell”, the Aethers is “heaven”.


    World gen:

    The nether is one large cave. An infinite solid space with pockets of air in-between. Naturally, the opposite of that would be an infinite open space with pockets of land in-between. The Aether would be an infinite abyssal sky, full of floating islands.



    The main material making up the Nether is Netherrack, a red, volcanic, veiny looking substance baring milde resemblance to cobblestone. Aetherium does the same from the Aether. It’s a white, frosted, marble like substance baring milde resemblance to stone.



    Ok I know, the title sounds weird, but let me explain. What terrain block does the nether carry in from the overworld? Gravel.

    Needing to look more above ground than the nether, the Aether would require dirt on top of the Aetherium (and grass but I’m counting them as the same thing). Grass in the Aether would be seafoam green in color. And because mushrooms grow in the nether, you would see dandelions and blue orchids growing in the Aether.

    The sky in the nether, well not visible is crimson in color and lacks clouds or a sun. The Aether would also lack clouds and a sun, and be light blue in color.



    The nether is full of lava, flowing from the ceiling, in huge oceans. So the Aether would have pools of water right? Well yes but, it would also have slush (trying to think of a better name). Slush would be a liquid similar looking to water but with an icy-er color and a less clear texture. Slush gives you something called frost. Frost turns your hearts light blue and causes you to lose health similarly to poison but at a slower pace. It also makes you slower as your health goes down, so if you already have low health when you get Frost, you’ll be very slow from the start. Also, just as water evaporates in the nether, fire instantly burns out. If slush comes in contact with water, the water becomes slush. If slush comes in contact with lava it just creates obsidian or cobblestone.


    Getting frost cancels out burning, getting lit on fire cancels out freezing, they can't happen at the same time.


    It does not snow in the Aether. Like the Nether there is no weather at all.


    Water in the Aether is frozen topped (water and slush).


    Nether quartz/Aether copper:

    Originally, I wanted to make it silver, but I realized that color did not stand out enough to even be visible when found. Aether copper ores can be mined and smelted to create Aether copper ingots. Ingots can be turned into copper coins and used to buy from the npcs of the Aether.


    Nether wart/Aether fruit:

    Aether fruits are found on Aether fruit vines, and look like grapes. The vines grow on the walls of Aether Castles. The vines cannot be climbed on, and function similarly to normal vines.The fruits take two full minecraft days to grow, and have three stages, unripe, ripening, and ripe. When ripe Aether fruit vines are broken, they drop Aether fruits. The vines look similar to normal vines, but are lighter in color and contain fruits on their texture.


    Juicing Aether fruits:

    The juicing bowl is a large, wooden bowl that works similarly to a cauldron. Aether fruits can be placed in it with right click, until it's full to the top. When placed in the bowl Aether fruits will become wine. Wine can be collected from bowls with glass bottles. (I still don’t know what wine could do when drinken)





    Fragile, slightly transparent blocks found in floating clusters commonly in the Aether. They break in a puff of white smoke shortly after being stepped on. Good from falling bridges, They won't break in creative. Can only be harvested with silk touch.



    Light blue sand that falls upward, and spawns near the bottom of floating islands. Could suffocate and or float you up if you were bombarded by it.


    Frost cloud:

    A light blue version of the cloud block, stepping on it doesn't cause it to break, but instead causes you to sink through it like a cobweb. If your head in in a frost cloud, you can lose air, you can also swim up it, making it like a more solid water block. Despite this, you can still break it in one hit.



    A transparent block with blue outlines that bares resemblance to glass. Causes you to get a boost in speed when walking or running on it. Can rarely be found naturally inside Aetherium, and crafted by smelting floatdust.


    Aether bricks:

    Simply a white, marble-like, brick version of Aetherium. Crafted with four Aetherium in a square.


    Aether brick slab:

    Self explanatory.


    Aether brick fence

    VERY self explanatory.


    Copper block:

    Made from nine Aether copper ingots in a crafting table. Purely decorative but pretty looking. Good for a steampunk theme.


    Watching stone:

    A useful block crafted with eight Aetherium blocks and a mimic’s eye. Looks like an eyeball in the center of a two Aetherium stone slabs (“Aetherium stone slab” not a real block). Fires combusting snowballs at anything that isn't the player who placed them. Can be right clicked on to change modes, defender mode it shoots everything that isn't its master, passive mode it shoots things that attack its master, attacker mode it shoots everyone, and off mode it does not attack anything and takes on the appearance of an eyeless version of the block.





    A human shaped pig creature bearing a white loin cloth wrapped around his waist. They buy and sell like villagers using copper coins. Their trades are much fairer than villager’s. They spawn in groups within large walls of Aether brick.

    Health points: 20

    Armor points: 0

    Attack strength: 1

    Alignment: neutral

    Drops: pork, copper coins

    Natural equipment: nothing



    Floating, bodiless, cloudlike, heads surrounded in white smoke. Wisps fire small, combusting snowballs at their enemies. The explosions don't destroy anything, but they do hurt!

    Health points: 16

    Armor points: 0

    Attack strength: 7 (snowball) 2 (contact)

    Alignment: hostile

    Drops: wisp souls

    Natural equipment: nothing



    Humongous four eyed, squid like creatures that soar through the Aether sky. They won't head in your direction but they will fire slowly approaching snowballs that can give you frost.

    Health points: 24

    Armor points: 4

    Attack strength: 1 (excluding frost damage)

    Alignment: hostile

    Drops: air sacks, snow cores

    Natural equipment: nothing



    Ghostly white robed women, with blue skin and hair, wings, and pure black eyes. They fly around the Aether mostly by Aether castles. They cannot land on the ground, so they constantly fly.

    Health points: 20

    Armor points: 3

    Attack strength: 6

    Alignment: hostile

    Drops: feathers, arrows, bows

    Natural equipment: bow



    Aether castles are full of chests, but beware, if you try to open one chances are it will come to life and reveal the fearsome eyeball inside its sharp toothed mouth. Mimics hop after you like slimes.

    Health points: 4

    Armor points: 2

    Attack strength: 6

    Alignment: neutral

    Drops: random chest loot, mimics eyes

    Natural equipment: nothing


    Endermen do spawn in the Aether, as do creepers.


    If a pig dies in the Aether, it has a chance to become a pigman.


    All Aether creatures are immune to frost.




    Aether fruits:

    A bundle of grape esc fruits, found on vines outside Aether castles. Can be made into wine with a juicing bowl.

    Item type: food

    Restores two hunger points.



    A bottle of fermented Aether fruit juice makes a great drink! Pigman are willing to pay a good price for it.

    Item type: food

    Restores one hunger point.


    Aether copper ingot:

    A metal used to make copper coins, ingots don't have much a use besides that.

    Item type: material


    Copper coin:

    The currency of the Aether pigmen. Can be used to activate a strange block in the Aether castles.

    Item type: miscellaneous


    Wisp soul:

    A ghostly swirl of cloud bearing what looks to be a face. Can be used to make a potion of floating

    Item type: brewing


    Soul orb:

    Crafted from four wisp souls and an ender pearl is a cross shape, the soul orb can only be used once and teleports you to your spawn point. Does not work in dimensions other than the Overworld.

    Item type: tool


    Air sack:

    A fleshy little balloon of cloud steam obtained from killing a skylapod.

    Item type: material


    Golden wings:

    Crafted with one elytra, two blaze powders, and two air sacks. This is an upgraded version of the elytra, that activated by a jump in mid air, can fly indefinitely up sky when holding jump. Starts to glide when the jump key is let go of. Leaves a trail of fire particles.

    Item type: transport

    Can be repaired in anvil with golden wings.


    Snow charge:

    The rarer item dropped by a skylapod. An icy snowball that allows you to shoot four damaging snowballs before breaking. Can be good against blazes.

    Item type: combat

    Does four damage.

    Can be repaired in anvil with snowballs.


    Potion of floating:

    A potion that gives the levitation effect. Can be made in typical potion format with an air sack.

    Item type: brewing


    Potion of unfreezing:

    A potion that gives the new defrost effect. Prevents frost.


    Mimic’s eye:

    The rare item dropped by the mimics of Aether castles. Used to create watching stones.

    Item type: material


    Watching stone controller:

    Crafted with a mimic’s eye and a compass. When right clicked with, watching stone controllers will give a player control of all watching stones placed by them, allowing them to fire its projectile snowballs with left click, and see what it sees.

    Item type: tool

    Watching stone control can be exited with right click.

    Works across dimensions.


    The Aether Castle:


    An Aether castle is the Aether equivalent to a Nether fortress, as they’re both the main attraction of their worlds and hold tons of loot, as well as the boss fight of their worlds. The Aether castle is a very large Aether brick castle found randomly floating throughout the Aether, it's full of valkyries and mimics, as well as plenty of chests, and is surrounded by cloud blocks on the outside as well as Aether fruit vines growing on the walls.


    In the top/center room of the castle contains a blue wool block with gold trimming and a large end portal center texture on each side, this block is called the Soulstone and must be fed ten copper coins, and then it will become an entity and make the TNT lighting sound, it will explode and then summon..


    The Aether king:

    The Aether king is the boss of the Aether. They are human shaped, and have blue skin like valkyries, as well as golden wings, and an iron chestplate and iron mask the size of a block resembling a bird. Their mask has blank, eye shaped dents, and an iron beak. The Aether king attacks you with two things, an iron sword, and projectiles with the snow core texture that give you frost. Unlike valkyries, the Aether king can land on the ground, and run towards you to deliver a brutal slash of their sword. The Aether king drops a unique item called the Aether orb.

    Health points: 295

    Armor points: 6

    Attack strength: 6 (sword) 8 (ice blasts)

    Alignment: hostile

    Drops: Aether core

    Natural equipment: iron sword


    Alter mechanics:

    Aether cores are enchanted balls of light blue energy, used to craft a workbench block called an alter. Alters are crafted with, four gold ingots, four lapis lazulis, and an Aether core, they can be used to exchange XP for certain materials such as gold, diamond, iron, and emerald.


    Iron ingot 5XP

    Gold ingot 15XP

    Diamond 26XP

    Ender pearl 20XP

    Emerald 30XP

    Lapis lazuli 24XP

    Redstone dust 8XP




    So that’s the Aether, or my version at least. What do you think? Please share your opinions. Here’s some extra notes.


    I'm trying to think of a better name for slush, as I’m unsatisfied with it.


    Frost is not a debuff, freezing is meant to be a counter to burning.


    The terrain generation of the Aether, well also made up of floating islands, is different than the end as it's more wild and layered.


    All the Aether mobs are meant to be counterparts to Nether mobs, they vary from slightly similar to direct counterparts. Pigman/zombie pigman, wisp/blaze, valkyrie/wither skeleton, skylapod/ghast, mimic/magma cube, Aether king/wither.


    Id hope for the juicing bowl to have more uses, i'm still thinking.


    This is heavily based off many different ideas of the Aether other people have come up with


    I have no experience with pixel art or modeling so I can't provide visuals for my ideas.


    This has less content than most Aether ideas because I wanted to have an equal amount to the Nether.


    Skeletons can spawn in the Nether, so I was trying to think of a overworld mob to spawn in the Aether, I decided creepers because they’re brightly colored, and I’m pretty sure they’re plants, and plants represent life etc.

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