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    posted a message on [Help] I can't make macerator work with ex nihilo adscensio (1.10.2)

    Can someone help me? I'm trying to make IC2 macerator work with the ore chunks or change the sieve list so it drops ore blocks instead of pieces/chunks.

    In the first case, I didn't find any folder that I could edit or any tutorial

    In the second case, I edited the SieveRegistry JSON file so the sieve would drop ore blocks with 1/4th the original ore piece drop chance but it simply didnt recognize and the sieve wouldn't drop any oh them

    I tried JAOPCA but it didn't work, it added some new ore pieces that worked pretty well even after I messed up the SieveRegistry JSON, but there were many other ores that didn't work
    The modpack I'm using is a modified version of Skyfactory 3 with IC2, Mekanism, AE2, p455w0rd's thing, thermal expansion etc.
    When I created the world, I copied the Project Ozone Lite SieveRegistry(so it could drop AE2/Mekanism items) and it worked fine, I don't know what went wrong this time

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