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    I have a question, hope this is the right place to ask. I've started a new (singleplay) survival game this weekend so that I can fully use my revised mod collection. During gameplay I quickly noticed some excessive lightning / thunder outburst which seemed to come out of nowhere. For example: during a completely bright day, sun shining and all, suddenly lightning strikes a few times, often extremely loud and harsh. And just as quick as it started it also immediately stops.


    It slowly started to annoy me because this almost happened every single in-game day and for no apparent reason (that I could come up with). So I started to back trace what was causing all this ruckus and for sure: Voidcraft. As soon as I remove the mod then there are no more "thunderous interruptions" :)


    So my question: why is this happening? Also important: how can I stop this?


    And thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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    Simple, to the point and makes for some really interesting creative designs as well. I'm hoping you'll eventually also going to add stairs and slabs and the likes.


    At first I used "another mod" to provide more materials to my game when I suddenly realized that most of them weren't being used (due to my mod choices). I then decided to remove several mods from my gameplay (a tough decision) and replace them with new ones. But I really liked the "bolted design" which one of the mods I stopped used applied. I don't know how I came across your mod, but I did and I really like it so far.


    The fun thing is that I can't even craft anything using metals such as lead, zinc and such, but they still provide an awesome building block, especially when you're deeper into "tech styled" builds.


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    I've recently started playing more "modded Minecraft" (with the emphasis on tech) but because the choices for 1.11.2 are limited I decided to try and set up my own collection of mods to play with. Worked decently well, until I discovered that gameplay had become oversaturated (when you have several furnaces which are more or less the same then it becomes awkward, esp. if you hardly use one of them).


    So then re-evaluated my collection and tried to enhance more on gameplay, and that's where I came across your mod. So far I really like it because it's totally different and not only extends on gameplay but also to the feel of really exploring the Minecraft world even further than before.


    My only "complaint" is that it's not fully clear how to begin your void exploration. Because of the massive use of in-game manuals I first focused on crafting the Vade Mecum, only to end up surprised when JEI didn't show me a recipe. Don't get me wrong though: I prefer the current mechanic, because it's both fitting and really sets Voidcraft apart from the other mods. But I do think you should try to put more attention to the obsidan flask. If I can come up with a suggestion I'll add this to your issue tracker.


    For now thanks a lot for creating this mod, it's really a lot of fun so far. Right now my focus is both getting to the void world as well as learning more about it (next to my other "tech" in-game tasks and goals ;))

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    After discovering & appreciating RFTools & consorts (dimensions & control) and learning that 'Deep Resonance' was also your doing I figured I'd skim your projects list to see what else is there to discover, which is how I came across this one.


    I think you should add a warning and/or disclaimer that there's risk of exploding heads here ;)


    I've only been going at it for one evening but I'm already hooked; this mod has got a permanent place in my techmod collection. At first I was a bit skeptic about the controller part, but once you start experimenting you'll soon discover the sheer amount of possibilities which it gets you...


    I started simple: connected a modular storage, double crusher, powered furnace, crafter tier 3 and a powercell. First channel: extract ores from the modular storage and put them into a double crusher. Second channel: extract from the crusher & place into a powered furnace. Then third channel: extract from the furnace and place into a crafter tier 3 which crafts ingots into blocks and finally the last channel: move those results into a resource modular storage. Note: both remote storages are also used by a quarry auto miner.


    SO then the first problem: some ores can be crushed, but their dust can't be smelted. No problem: blacklist it on the "crusher extract channel" and add the crushers (with the dust placed on the whistlist) onto the last channel to extract it and add it to the resources. So now my 'extract channel' uses both the furnace for all results and the crusher for one dust type. 


    Then I discovered that things went smoothly, but surely I could speed it up a bit? I added a second crusher and furnace to the network. Power? A few clicks; add them to my 'power channel'. Adding them into the distribution/extraction channels? A few more clicks (and then you'll also appreciate round robin mode).


    Next issue: my resource storage filled up with stuff (coal, lapis, redstone). No problem: I added a second crafter. It gets its power from the existing power channel (a few more clicks). It gets its ores from a new channel (whitelisted) and I could simply add the results to my existing "resource channel". In other words: now both the crafters dumped directly into my resource storage, together with the crushers which still only dumped that one specific dust type.


    And all it took were a few clicks in the controller :-)


    This is seriously impressive, highly likable and very addictive :-)




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    Figured I'd better post a follow up instead of editing.


    In the mean time I also played around with the Quantum Quarry and I can see your problem; it doesn't always work as intended. I build a setup in creative, hooked the whole thing up to an rftools' storage scanner (so that I could filter all stuff across different modular storages) and sometimes the collected material doesn't seem to match the biome.


    When I tried the End I did get a massive amount of End stone, that worked for me. But when I tried 'Hell' (Nether) I didn't got any netherrack but instead a somewhat common collection of stone varients (mostly cobble), and some other things which I'm certain do not generate in the Nether. I did get custom ores and such.


    I noticed some things: The quarry level starts at 255, but never goes back up more than 65 / 66. I assume this is a y value of some sort because it matches my findings that there's hardly any top world material being collected. When trying a custom biome ('meneglin') I only got menril logs & a sapling once.


    It doesn't always pick the right biome. If you insert a marker close the GUI & re-open it. Sometimes it'll switch back to the previous (or default) biome. When that happens it might work to open the GUI, place the marker and wait a bit.


    And finally: it seems to behave differently for biomes which weren't generated in your world. This is an assumption for now, but I got better results when I generated a normal world in which most biome types were actually present.


    Hope this can help.

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    When I open the crusher’s GUI after crushing some ores, I crash every time. This happens without OptiFine as well.

    Issues as these are best added to the issue tracker:




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    Craft & place the terraformer, add the biome marker you want to convert to, open the interface and it will tell you what extra utilities it requires after you placed the marker. 


    Add said utilities (heater, cooler, humidifier, etc.), (place antennas) and then feed 'm with the required items. You can click the arrow which will show you the recipes which you can use (assuming you're using JEI).


    To my knowledge so far the main change which will happen is the biome indication itself, not so much the actual blocks and/or items. However, I've still to dive deeper into this mod, and even a biome indicator can have value I think.

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    Quote from shadow_xxx>>

    How are the Biome markers supposed to work?

    Note: just started playing with this myself, my guess is as good as yours but... Look into the Terraformer. I'm very excited about that critter: it can change your terrain from one type into the other. Right now I'm playing in my Creative tech world (redstone preset) so it's all desert.


    Place a terraformer, insert a biome marker, give it enough juice (power), and then it'll tell you what it needs. In my case a cooler (seems logical enough ;)) and humidifier. Place antenna's on those, feed 'm resources (I'm currently using sugar cane for the humidifier & packed ice for the cooler), provide power of course and watch the magic happen.


    Right now I've got a 10 block area converted from desert to forest, at least the biome ;)


    Hope this can help.

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    Because the regular FTB mobpacks are too heavy for my gaming environment I've rolled my own more light weight "Tech collection". And to make things even more difficult for me I enjoy the latest Minecraft version (1.11.2), so didn't want to use something older; this makes my choices even more limited.


    I came across your mod by accident and I really like it so far! I'm well aware of some of the current caveats but that doesn't stop me from having some fun with the features which work as intended. I've already managed to collect a nice collection of mods (nothing too extensive; it needs to be light weight) which gives me a good variety in gameplay. Yet despite that your mod still managed to add new features and enhance my gameplay.


    Right now I'm going a little by trial and error (really hope you'll find time to fix the in-game manual sometime) but the things I've discovered so far are really useful and fun for me!


    Hope you'll keep it up!



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    Quote from kroeser>>


    The next planned feature is an extensive in-game guide, so this should make it a bit easier to understand the mod.

    That sounds exciting, thanks for the tip. Awesome idea too because many "well known tech mods" also use that approach, so it should make Dynamics fit right in. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

    Normally, you should be able to find the trees in Meneglin biomes. Don't you find those? If not, that could be a bug in the 1.11 version, and if so, could you report that to our issue tracker?

    Thanks for the tip!  Well, I got good news (for you) and bad news (for myself) :)
    I'm happy to report that there are no bugs. I had a hunch that it might be something like this: I added the mod while I was already established in the world. But a quick biomelist with WorldEdit showed me that 'Meneglin' (nice name by the way) was recognized and when I traveled deeper out into unexplored areas I quickly stumbled upon one:
    http://imgur.com/nBbyVBy  (this even looks good with my texture pack I think).
    The bad news (for me) is that this is going to take me a while to go here without cheating (but that's the fun of the game!). Thanks again for your quick response!
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