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    Like, as you saw in the title, I'm creating a MOD that adds the VANISH effect on every entity around my player


    Well, I used the command below to remove the entity, it works perfectly in order to apply VANISH


    However, the MOD has the function of ON and OFF, and when I disable the MOD I am trying to add the entities again

    I have tried several commands that are in the MCP but nothing is right, the only way I found it is, leaving the entity close and approaching again, yes yes the minecraft recharg


    does anyone know of any method to manually load, or force the entities to load or reload

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    Well, I'm creating a skin mod, but when I run this command below, I feel the minecraft giving a lock

    I've already tried running it in thread, but the error

    Minecraft.getMinecraft().getTextureManager().loadTexture(skinRes, (ITextureObject) PlayersSkinsToLoad.getValue());

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