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    Anyone know how the Terraformer is supposed to work? I made a dehostilifier, gave it RF, stuck an antenna on top of it, and supplied it with a nether star. It says it has full power and has 640 TF, but doesn't appear to be doing anything. Even tried applying a redstone signal to the machine, but that doesn't seem to do anything either. I'm using version 1.2.0 for 1.10.2.

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    Do the versions marked "1.11.2" work in 1.10, or are you talking about moving to 1.11? This crash is with omlib-1.10.2-3.0.0-61 and openmodularturrets-1.10.2-3.0.0-70, both the latest versions for 1.10 (or at least the latest available here on Curseforge).

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    seeing this as well. little bit of the stack trace:

    net.minecraftforge.fml.common.LoaderExceptionModCrash: Caught exception from Open Modular Turrets (openmodularturrets)
    Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: omtteam/omlib/util/ReflectionInitHelper
    at omtteam.openmodularturrets.init.ModItems.init(ModItems.java:25)
    at omtteam.openmodularturrets.proxy.CommonProxy.preInit(CommonProxy.java:13)
    at omtteam.openmodularturrets.proxy.ClientProxy.preInit(ClientProxy.java:57)
    at omtteam.openmodularturrets.OpenModularTurrets.preInit(OpenModularTurrets.java:46)

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    I saw this post on reddit a while back about the custom Elytra texture: https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/4lu98i/custom_elytra_coming_to_living_armour_for_blood/

    I'm playing on the 1.10 version of the mod, and I've just applied the Elytra to my living armor. It seems to function as if the Elytra is applied, but the elytra texture in the post above (which was mentioned for 1.9 versions of the mod) is not visible. Is this not implemented in 1.10?

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    Ah, that last bit was what i was missing. It looks like repair time is a bit better than regular wood parts, but only if you're meeting the "standing still on grass in the sunlight" condition. Neat.

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    I noticed that the various materials you can get via the terrestrial focus (Thundersteel, Aquamarine, Soulroot) are also available as valid materials for Tinker's Construct tools, so I made a tool with an Awakened Soulroot component. The modifier this adds is "Soulbonded", and its flavortext says "Photosynthesize! Be like a tree, and your bonded tool will grow back like one".


    So far, I have tried standing still ("be like a tree") to see if it repairs the tool, but it does not. I have also tried killing myself to see if I keep my weapon after death, and I still had to retrieve my weapon from where I died. Does anyone know what this modifier actually does? 

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     I think another commenter pointed this out, but the wolves seem to spawn very frequently, and in large numbers. It would be neat if the config file supported adjusting wolf spawn weights, rather than just whether or not they spawn.

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    Quote from Daomephsta >>

    should be


    Minecraft automatically starts looking in the loot_tables folder for loot tables.

    This means that minecraft:loot_tables/chests/end_city_treasure actually points to assets/minecraft/loot_tables/loot_tables/chests/end_city_treasure.

     This worked perfectly. Thanks for the help!
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    I'm having an issue with chest loot not generating in the chests I specified. The modtweaker log indicates that items are being added to the loot tables with no problems, but even with the weights set to 100 , my items are not generating in the appropriate chests. 

    Below is a sample of my script... can someone tell me if I've made a mistake?


    import loottweaker.vanilla.LootTables;
    import loottweaker.vanilla.loot.LootTable;
    import loottweaker.vanilla.loot.LootPool;

    val quartzenrichedironseeds = <mysticalagriculture:quartz_enriched_iron_seeds>;

    val end_city_treasurechest = LootTables.getTable("minecraft:loot_tables/chests/end_city_treasure");
    end_city_treasurechest.addPool("end_city_treasureCustLoot", 1, 1, 1, 1);
    val end_city_treasurechestpool = end_city_treasurechest.getPool("end_city_treasureCustLoot");
    end_city_treasurechestpool.addItemEntry(quartzenrichedironseeds, 100, 3);


    I also have the lootbags mod installed, which pulls from the various vanilla loot tables, and that doesn't pick up my additions either, though that may be an order of operations issue.

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    In the latest 1.10.2 version, I noticed that mazes aren't generating inside the SmallPyramid structure. I have yet to test the other maze-generating structures, but that might be a bug?

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