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    Hello here!


    I know about a Squicken mod some months ago, i really like it, but it's never been updated. The mod's developer gave up the update. Here is the link about the mod, please check it:

    SQUICKEN MOD v.1.0.0 - Minecraft Mods - Mapping and Modding: Java Edition - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum

    Please check carefully the infos and other things in the forum link! You can see in the forum link download links for 1.7 and for 1.8 version. I really want this cute Squicken mod be updated somehow to Minecraft 1.11.2! I hope somebody will update it. If yes, then really thank you. And it's have a problem: i tried/tested that mod before in 1.8 version (i think with correct 1.8 Forge), but it's didn't really work, i don't know why not. And i did read for somebody else didn't work either. So if somebody update it, he/she should fix it to work. And if you did all that, please send me a link in PM from where can i download it (maybe here from CurseForge), or add to the reply the JAR file! Thank you. And if they are not spawn naturally in the worlds, it could be spawn rare, but not very, not too rare, if you can set it. For example they could spawn in these biomes only: Beach, Forest, Roofed Forest. And i think some people could be happy, if the Squicken mod be updated. I would be surely. Or if maybe it can't be updated, please somebody remake it then for use the same models, same textures from it! Thank you.


    I am waiting for somebody will seriously help in that! Have a nice day!

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