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    Hey there,


    I play on 1.7.10 and looking for an mod like Ambience, with the option to add a playlist/folder. If I get it right, u can just add one song for an specific event and that isn't enough :D (u can add several songs in version 1.10 or minecraft 1.12, but I can't upgrade my modlist to 1.12) 


    I want to add a playlist or set a folder with music in it, the playlist should play all the time until a certain event occurs and switch the playlist/folder, like:

    Underground or cave (doesn't matter)




    Is there any mod for that? Or is it possible to rewrite the Ambience 1.10 (mc 1.12) for mc 1.7.10, so I can add the songs in the properties list?


    And last but not least, sorry if my english is weird or I write something wrong, my english is not the best :D 

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