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    Hmm I stop by from time to time to show you guys some new server tutorials. YouTube "ProDminer"

    Newest is 

    SkyFactory 3 Twitch/Curse

    SkyFactory challenges Twitch/Curse

    Age Of Engineering Twitch/Curse

    All The Mods 2 Twitch/Curse

    Invasion Twitch/Curse


    I will be adding a lot more of these in the next few days, "All project Ozone Do not Work anymore"



    If you scroll to the bottom of the playlist you will see the most recent videos.

    I also have videos on port forwarding, and on explaining how to uninstall and install java.


    Mods and Admins move this to where you would like it to be at thanks.

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    Hey guys its me ProDminer here, and from time to time I will link my youtube videos for people who need help with launching servers and this forum.


    In this video I show you how to start a Project Ozone 2 server.



    Additionally I do have tons and tons of other server videos. 

    Ranging from FTB legacy videos, AtLauncher, Technic, and Curse Servers.


    Hope this helps someone, I will not be responding to this forum, and Admins if this is in the wrong section please feel free to move it to its proper area. 

    Thanks guys have a great day, and do not forget to like and sub!

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    Hey guys what is up, I actually do not come on here very often. I just realized I could not search one of my how to videos anymore through here.

    But anyways I know a lot of people had success with this video and it has been getting a lot of views so I am just re-posting it.

    To the Admins and MODS if this violates anything please let me know.

    If it gets taken down for a double post I understand.

    But anyways guys here is my link for the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeL_LGBEtnw

    Please like and sub if you enjoy the help :)

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