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    Hello All, I've recently gotten into modded Minecraft and haven't gone back to vanilla since, however, I find there's a slightly limited selection, and it doesn't quite fit everyone's play-style / interests. I've recently taken courses in coding Java (although some professional / additional help would be appreciated), and wanted to commit to making my own modpack, with some help from the community. The first step is finding a concept that people like, so I've come up with a couple of ideas / themes, and I'd like to know which one you guys like and dont.

    1: "Barren"
    - This modpack idea was inspired by Regrowth, and will centered around surviving in a wasteland. This mod will adjust the mob spawn, spawning in almost exclusively zombies and skeletons. The mod is also much more focused on technology rather than magic. It will be a hardcore questing adventure, however it won't be map based. As far as the point goes, rather than just building up your base, it will also be about repairing the land.

    2: "Off -White"
    - This modpack would be intended for getting new players into modded minecraft. It would stay a rather small modpack, with all the essentials, plus a few of the core mods included in most modpacks in order to teach new players how they work, such as industrial craft, applied energistics, tinkers construct, thaumcraft, botania, etc.

    3: "Crucible"
    - This modpack would be a heavily custom created modpack with a lot of my original ideas for mods, that are inspired by tinkers construct and others, if you would even bother reading it, a general outline is included here (its like 25+ pages b/c of crafting recipes) http://bit.ly/1H20iyy . I've come up with a pretty (what I think is unique) weapon/tool creating system (of course not every variation will be in NEI because that'd be a nightmare).

    4: "Swords, Scrolls and Shields"
    - This modpack would be a questing modpack (not hardcore), that would put the player into a middle-age themed world, villages would be remodeled for this, as well as heavy use in npc's and making dungeons and castles to explore and progress the story line. I don't really have any specific thoughts in mind for an actual story line (perhaps someone could help with that). This mod would rely heavily on tinker's construct, and magic mods such as thaumcraft, bloodmagic, and botania, as well as perhaps my own magic mod that focuses on controlling the elements (fire, earth, water, air). Probably will have dragons.

    -P.S. If you could, please leave a short reason why you chose what you did, if you picked none of them, i wont be offended :):)

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