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    Hello All

    My name is Jack and I am currently Staff-Manager on an up and coming network. However we need builders and Devs. Please if you are interested answer the following questions below. Please when answering the questions give IP Proof of past experience.

    Many Thanks




    These Questions If You Are Interested In Being A Dev




    Time Played On Minecraft:


    What makes you stand out from the others?

    What experience have you got?
    Are you good with working in a team?

    Have you ever be banned (Be Honest)

    What is your best achievement?
    Have you ever been a developer before (I want Proof)

    What could you improve on?

    What are you Good at?





    Time Played On Minecraft:


    These Questions If Your Interested In Being A Builder

    Why Do you want to be a Builder?

    Are you good at Building?

    What is your strength?
    What is you favourite genre of build? (Medieval, Modern etc)

    What are your weaknesses?

    What are your past achievements?

    What Do you plan on Achieving

    Have you ever been a builder on another server?


    Photographic Proof that you can build. Don’t take something random off the Internet because I can search by image and you will be caught out.

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