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    posted a message on Server looking for new members

    Hello there my name is Reika_Lily, and I wanted to invite some new players to a newer server and website


    http://thescottishpeople.enjin.com/     : Official Website


    play.smishcraft.co.uk:25583                    : Official Server IP Address


    The Scotts Server offers in game money, earned by voting. [Diamonds are earned as well]

    The usual /commands are present within the game such as, /home or /tpaccept

    Grief Protection is available and enforced by us staff for your comfort

    Cursing isn't a major issue so don't be afraid to tell off that shady creeper

    We already have a full team of staff so openings are not currently open but we will accept applications

    Various warps exist within the game to make travel easier and may I suggest a few travel destinations?


    /warp Kimiko, Ravenwood, Valhalla, Wonderlake <---all are very beautiful locations


    Rules are mostly common sense so pray I don't send you to the jail with Jeff the creeper jkjk >.< lol


    Anyways we look forward to seeing a few new faces around the server world,

    Thank you for your time!

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