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    Hello, and Welcome to the official Informational Forum for BListMC's Minecraft Skyblock Server and future Network. My name is Christopher W, also known as ChrisClassics in-game. I am the current manager of BListMC's Minecraft Server. Allow me to start off by saying BListMC's Minecraft Skyblock Server is one of the best servers available to the Minecraft Community to date. We offer you custom-made plugins; custom builds, amazing unique staff members, and an incredible experience overall. You will NOT regret joining this server. From the day I started, I was hooked 100% and spend all of my free time on this server. Join this server, and you will NOT regret what will come from us in the future!

    We are also currently looking for multiple staff members to aid us on our journey. If you wish to apply to become a member of our staff team, you may do so by joining our Discord Server found at the link below and clicking on the text channel titled "#applicationformat."

    Thank you,
    - Christopher W | ChrisClassics
    BListMC Manager | play.BListMC.com

    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/hXUTgqZ


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    Hello! My name is Christopher and I am the Co-Owner of a gaming community we like to call C-Progress. We are currently a small group of 4 dedicated members with a few visitors here and there. We play many different modpacks and vanilla on both private and public servers. We mainly use Discord to communicate with each other. We are looking for a lot of new members to join our fun, friendly, and amazing community! Please fill out the small forum below if interested. Please note that the forum below should be short, sweet, and to the point. The length of your response and age are not a factor in joining the group.

    Thank you!
    - Christopher | C-Progress Co-Owner

    Informational Forum:
    First Name:
    Minecraft Username:
    Discord Username:
    Current Age:
    What modpacks have you played?:
    Why do you want to join us?:

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