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    At first I would like to say that I like Your modpack. It forces player to find other ways to reach the goal. ATM i played for few days now so I would like to share my thoughts and problems I came up till now:


    1. Starting is very hard. I restarted the world countless times before I was able to get water. Most of the times I spawned with base surrounded with lava which inflicted the body temperature really quick. This drove to dying by heatstroke couple of times.


    2. Getting wood at the beginning to get the workbench was sometimes nearlly impossible. I ran out of water couple of times before the tree grew. Without the wood You cannot do portable tank in order to filter the dirty water ( I know You can use minechem but at the beginning the lead battery is charged very low so You need to save it for later use.


    3. The ore gathering takes some time to mine and get enough resources to get You rolling and moving on. I think it is balanced quite well.


    Now I came to the point when I need rubber to create insulated cables for some machines and here is the problem. As You look in the NEI You can see that the rubber can be acquired by smelting either compressed tree log or glue slimeball. In order to make a machine froms to compress logs You need the rubber O_o . Ok so lets go different way and get the white glue slimeball ... and here is another problem. You cannot craft it and I was unable to get the drop from killing either green or blue slime. Am I missing something? Is there any other way to get the rubber or glue slimeball?


    As I wrote on the beginning, I really like the modpack and the way it is intended to be played, but at some points either it is lacking some help from HQM side or the recipes for some machines are a bit to complicated.


    Keep up the good work and don't give up :-)

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