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    I made a vanilla MC profile in curse.

    When I hit play, the MC launcher opens. How do I add more VERSIONS/PROFILES to the launcher itself?

    I wanted to move my original .minecraft content to curse. I had several versions in it.

    The only version the curse vanilla minecraft launcher has, is all the vanilla versions of minecraft.

    But what if I want 1.10 with optifine to be an option??

    I opened the location of the curse minecraft profile, where all the minecraft files were. I pasted the contents of my .minecraft in it, which has my saves, pictures, resourcepacks, versions etc. But I can NOT see my old versions in its minecraft launcher.

    This is the launcher that uses .minecraft instead of the curse one. Here you can see stuff like optifine being in the versions.

    I really hope you understand what I mean here.. :/



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