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    Hello, I am Yukkio, one of the owners of RivalPvP.us My friend Grace_ and I made a map for another big server, but do to disagreements with them, we decided to start up our own. Our server is a OpPvP server so basically like KitPvP but better gear and armor. You can get kits, trade, have player vaults, make clans, and gain money by killing people. Our server is still fairly new and there are players on from time to time, but we believe our server has a lot of potential to become bigger. We always care about the players and there input towards the server to make it a better experience for them. Here is a video showing off the map we created and some key features we have. We hope you enjoy the server and help us make it into am amazing community. In the future we hope to implement more servers like Creative, Survival, Factions, Eggwars, Skywars, anything that you guys would like. So please come check out or server and thank you so much for taking the time to consider joining us! 

    If you want to learn more about our server and check out the map here is a video!


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