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    posted a message on Interdimensional Escape Server; mods are not working.


    don't ask me how. I just did everything again.


    well the title says quite enough.


    I just made my own dedicated server for this mod pack. 

    I'm running it on my own computer.

    I thought everything was working quite well. I was ingame and I noticed that my veinminer was kinda weird. so I got kinda a feeling that the mods were not working. I tried to cheat in an Weak Infusion Stone. I didn't get the stone but the message: there is no item with this ID: *item-ID*

    After that i tried to craft a crafting station from tinkers construct, and i couldn't so that confirmed my suspision that the mods are not working.


    This is my first time making a server from a Forge Installer.

    Normally I can get the basic files and stuff and there are no problems at all, so yeah this is kind a first for me. 

    And i can't find anything on other forums.


    Hope someone can help

    Tnx in advance =D

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    posted a message on Unknown cras

    hmm i don't see anything in there about optifine.

    The reason i said that the cause could be a texture pack is because the crash report is spammed with texture errors



    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/client/renderer/texture/TextureMap


    so if you are not using any texture packs. I have no idea what the problem could be.

    Like i said im not very good at understanding the crash reports.


    sorry I can't be more of a help.

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    posted a message on Unknown cras

    I'm not really good at understanding the crash reports. 

    But if i'm right this is about a texture pack.

    So if you are using texture packs i would remove them and try again to be sure. 

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    posted a message on curse & minecraft problem.

    hiii, the problem is solved. But for people who run into the same problem.


    Well I was planning on playing playing craft of the titans ( first time )

    but my curse won't let me start the modpack.

    I tried to start different modpacks as well but it just won't start, I don't even get a warning like "unable to start game" 

    I click on the play button, the picture of the modpack loads.. and that's it!

    Yesterday everything was still just fine.


    Anyone any idea what it could be?

    I have reinstalled the curse client, that didn't solve the problem either. 

    I had Java 8, i know that can give problems as well, so i deleted that one and downloaded java 7, and that didn't help either. 

    And now i'm out of options I can think of...


    Oké I have fixed the problem. I don't know what the exact problem was but what I did is : 


    Delete Curse client -> Download Curse client

    Delete Java 8 -> download java 7

    Restart my computer.



    Tnx for your time!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Don't Open! Plz Help!

    It's fine if you want people to help. But I don't understand what it says in the red. 

    So maybe if you Translate that piece, people actually CAN help you.

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    posted a message on BC Robotics problem.

    Well I have a problem with BC robotics. and I can't find out what the problem is.

    First of all The robot I have is for Harvesting. In the OR gate i have to put in the map location and so on. But my robot just ignores the map location.





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