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    When I launch a 1.10 mudpack it starts loading but it crashes at a certain point and the crash report is 
      "Name": "Electron - Crash Reporter",
      "Process": "CurseUI",
      "PID": 8508,
      "Arguments": [
        "C:\\Users\\tyler\\AppData\\Roaming\\Curse Client\\Bin\\Electron\\CurseUI.exe",
        "--crashes-directory=C:\\Users\\tyler\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\Curse Crashes",
      "ProcessStart": "2017-02-03T01:09:31.1950000Z",
      "Version": "",
      "BuildDate": "2016-12-11T01:57:51.0000000Z",
      "Start": "2017-02-03T01:09:31.3630000Z",
      "Log": [
      "timestamp": "2017-02-03T01:09:31.3640000Z",
      "level": "Info",
      "thread": 8532,
      "memory": 4328.000000,
      "message": "[Chromium] Startup Info",
      "data": {
        "FileName": "C:\\Users\\tyler\\AppData\\Roaming\\Curse Client\\Bin\\Electron\\CurseUI.exe"

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