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    So, I was looking at the 3rd party mod list. And I had noticed that Advent of Ascension was not on it, which my modpack, MagiTechVentCulture, has. It was rejected. And thus I went through all the files for modpack permission, but alas I did not find some. However though, I did private message the mod author, and recieved permission to use the mod. Now with the permissions under my belt and on the description, I re-uploaded my modpack. But once again, rejected. So now, I ask the question, does the 3rd party mod list simply mean that even if I have permission to use the mod, that I simplt cannot use it unless I am part of FTB, since I noticed that FTB Cloud 9 also has the mod?



    P.S I also sent the admins who rejected it a link to the download link, the minecraft forums post for the mod, and the link to the private message.

    P.P.S if the description was just the incorrect place to post my permissions, can you send me a link to the correct place.

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