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    Post your OP tinker tools here!


    Rapier: Manyullyn Blade, Cactus Crossbar, Thaumium Handle


    Modifiers: Necrotic, Thaumic, Electric (put on when low durability so jagged can have full effect), Jagged I, Quartz (overloaded).

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    Ah, I see. Thanks for considering it.


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    This an idea for a mod that will add (you guessed it, conveniences) conveniences

    Story: You wake up in the middle of nowhere with no memory at all other then your name. You notice that you have a journal and a diary in your pocket. You open the journal and the diary up and there is nothing inside the two except for a pen in the journal.

    Details: Your character has very low knowledge, so redstone is beyond him, as is much knowledge about monsters and other unnatural things.

    Your journal is very much like the journals in Thaumcraft and ArsMagica as it shows discoveries, but it only shows discoveries of vanilla items. Once you have discovered enough vanilla items you will get into the real conveniences which include telephones and scientific researcher units (SRU)

    Things That Need To Be Researched:



    Armor Crafting other than leather and gold

    Magic (Nether Stars, Potions ect.)

     These can be researched with a Reasearcher Unit




    Anyone who is willing to take up creating this mod (because I can't and if I tried...) please PM me and I will respond.

    Hopefully this mod will make it to the public, and even if it isn't popular that will be enough for me.


    Licensing Trademarking Copyrighting Whatever:

    1. You may NOT copy this idea. Can't really stop you from doing it, but man, it would be uncool if you did.

    2. If you create the mod, I get 45-65% credit for the idea. That's it. The lowest I will lower my credit is 30%.

    3. Everything else, including mod pack permission, cannot be handled because the mod is not even released.



    Sneaky Peeky Phrase:


    HTE       OTSRMNES    FO       AGMCI     REA    OMNICG     ?


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