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    I have had the idea of a dual wield crafting system since about the time 1.9 was in pre release. My idea of it would be that you would hold and item in both hand (example knife and wheat) and hold right click for a couple seconds on a none interact-able block and it would output the crafting outcome into your hotbar or inventory. I have tried to make this for quite a while (136 hours) and have had no success. The closest I got was trying to make the Dual Wielding like a 2 item shapeless crafting recipe. Which I never did get to work but I believe if you dont have patchy and no very good programming knowledge and actually know java script that it would go a lot more smooth. This mod would be directed toward mod pack Developers who want to make their mod pack more immersive by like winding copper coils, weaving rope from tall grass ect.


    PS I lost all my work by accidentally deleting it thinking it was a sketch :(


    -thompsonturkey- environmental botany for fortune realms modded survive n' thrive

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    I am working on a 1.10.2 modpack were i need to remove all crafting recipes from all the mods and vanilla minecraft. I know how to add crafting recipes and all that but cant find anywhere how to remove. especially not in mass like i am doing. any help with a line of code for craft tweaker or mod tweaker to remove default crafting recipes would be awesome.



    -thompsonturkey. environmental botany for fortune realms modded survive and thrive.

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